Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Group pic with Leehom

This year we, Leehom fans in Malaysia (or us specifically) are considered very very lucky as he finally changed! hahahaha... Leehom is STILL in town for his movie shooting together with co-star Chris Hemsworth and Tang Wei. Today my whatsapp messages kept buzzing into my phone and they plan to go visit him at his film set somewhere nearby KLCC area.

I was still contemplating whether to go or not to go to KL after work as I was really quite tired after a long day at work. In the end, I followed the majority and decided to go as my friend(CF; our new Hommies) offered to drive both of us there! hehehe... The traffic was really bad, can you imagine sitting in the car for more than two hours for a supposedly 40 minutes drive from Klang to KL!! We reached the place quite late and were lucky as we only waited for a while before the filming crew started packing... which meant only one thing... What is it? hahahah Our favourite artist will be coming down any minute! ^^

As he was heading to his car, one of the fans asked for a group picture. At that point of time, he already went into the car and came back out to take a picture with us despite having a long day filming! So, today is yet another joyful day for us! hahahaha...

Here's the picture! 

We were all damn happy after that but this time the group pic was taken from a cellphone instead of camera. I felt like kicking myself for not responding straightaway when his assistant asked for camera. Anyway, it is still a memorable night for us...  Gotta sleep and have a sweet dream in a bit...

til then, ttfn! ^^

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