Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One picture, many platforms

I've been bombarded with these three pictures where my friends have sent me via whatsapp this morning (and afternoon). I know it's really nothing much but I'm still feeling kinda good coz most of my friends knew I am a fan of Leehom's and whenever they see anything on the paper, they'll forward them to me! (I don't read chinese newspapers by the way)

So, here are the 3 papers that reported on Leehom's arrival in Malaysia today. 

I'm not sure which picture belonged to which paper, but they're from Guang Ming, Sin Chew and Nan Yang. 




I know by now you must be thinking I am mad as I've been posting the same picture over and over again... But hey, it's my online space and I'm free to post anything whenever I feel like it! hahaha... 

Oh, I've also screen-cap Leehom's official posts from Facebook and Weibo as well.. XD

Here goes...the first from facebook, and the one written in Chinese characters is from Weibo. 

Okay, enough of my rambling today. til then, ttfn! ^^

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