Friday, August 2, 2013

Leehom's arrival in KLIA

Wooot! Leehom is in town to shoot his latest movie 'Cyber'. Heard that he will be in Malaysia for his movie filming for a duration of one month! Being the fangirl that I have been for the past many many years, I followed my friends over to the airport to welcome him at the airport... I wasn't feeling very well that day and also the night before but still went ahead to the airport nonetheless.. hehehehe... 

Leehom was really nice this time around. Answered few fans questions while signing autographs, a bit chatty at times, etc. Here are some pics that I have captured while he was busy signing away... lol


I felt very lucky today coz initially his back was facing me, but then a boy in front of me tapped on his shoulder to ask for his autograph and he turned around and ta-daa, he was right in front of me already. hehehe

 Charming guy signing stuff... hehehe

Oh, how can I forget to bring one or two items for his autograph, right? Brought two CDs to KLIA and got them signed! ^^

til then, ttfn! ^^

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