Sunday, August 18, 2013

Leehom's arrival in KLIA (Part 2)

Feeling contented and happy coz I get to see my favourite artist last night! 

I was suppose to go to Bukit Jalil to attend Myfm's 15th birthday bash but my plan was cancelled when I forgotten to bring the tickets out! T_T

So, I head over to KL to meet up with my Homgang for CC's farewell. Halfway through, we got info that Mr Wang Leehom will be arriving at KLIA in a few hours time so we changed our plan again! hahahaha... Kinda pity CC as we were suppose to do a farewell dinner for her, and then she ended up going to the airport with us. We did compensate the dinner with supper and cocktails for her after that though..^^

Anyway, here are some pictures that I've taken last night at KLIA...

Few policemen escorting him from the arrival hall... 

Briefly waving at fans who are patiently waiting for about an hour in the airport..

Walking out in very very casual style... XD

Swoosh..... walk past me and Leehom was out of focus through my camera lens! arghhh....

He then walked over to the car and patiently signed most of the stuff that fans (including myself) passed to him.


I always thought its really very tough to live a life of a celebrity.. At times when people annoy you, you still need to put on that smiling cap. Not really sure if he's feeling crappy or smile sincerely here after all the signings... hhmmm... 

After he has done signing, I think someone requested for a group picture and he actually agreed. I think this was the very first time he agreed to take pic with Malaysia fans in KLIA!! But sigh, the picture was taken by one of his crew so I can only wait patiently for him to post it on his social network site. *fingers crossed*
Anyway, all of us a.k.a the fans left KLIA feeling very good... Here's a pic of the things that I passed to him for autograph! 
 Thank YOU so much!!!

Update: 11.45pm
Leehom just uploaded this pic to facebook! *happieeee*

til then, ttfn.

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toya said...

Very nice experience, so sweet of him to sign all of those items :D