Monday, July 1, 2013

Fishy fishy

Well, I'm going to start writing more from today onwards.. I promise!!! And my lack of updates will be resumed with none other than another food log... 

Nothing much special, but the special thing is that I've prepared it by myself! Got quite tired with lunch places aroud my office area.. it's really sickening having the same hawker food every day and I've decided to make my own lunch to work for a few days in a week! =)

Here's what I have prepared for today's lunch. 

The ingredients were prepared the night before I go to bed and I just need to cook them after I woke up in the morning.. Frankly, most of the meal that I've prepared before this are simple, and today was no exception. hahahaha

Dory fish, and flat beans with baby corns. I pan fry my fish with some olive oil, and stir fry those veggies with some light soy sauce & seasalt. Easy peasy... ^^

Ta-da... Lunch for today. Boiled another egg just in case the meal doesn't satisfy my growling stomach.

Will continue to post some of my simple lunches if I prepared more in the coming days. 

til then, ttfn! ^^

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