Monday, April 1, 2013

Leehom Genting 2013 OpenFire 《火力全開》 concert setlist

Will be busy with work these coming 5 days, so just an update on the songs Leehom has performed during the past 3 days Open Fire concert held in Genting Highlands.

火力全開 Open Fire (Huo Li Quan Kai)
龍的傳人 Descendants of the Dragon (Long De Chuan Ren)
十八般武藝 18 Martial Arts (18 Ban Wu Yi)
唯一 The One and Only (Wei Yi)

Love in Disguise clip

你不知道的事 All Things You Never Knew (Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi)
Getaran Jiwa (A song by one of Malaysia's all time legend, P. Ramlee)
心跳 Heart.Beat (Xin Tiao)
Love Love Love
Beautiful (Mei)
落葉歸根 Falling Leaf Returns to Roots (Luo Ye Gui Gen)
在那遙遠的地方 At That Faraway Place (Zai Na Yao Yuan De Di Fang)

蓋世英雄 Heroes of Earth (Gai Shi Ying Xiong)
在梅邊 Beside the Plum Blossoms (Zai Mei Bian)
花田錯 Mistake in the Flower Fields (Hua Tian Cuo)
夢想被冷凍 Frozen Dreams (Meng Xiang Bei Leng Dong)
改變自己 Change Me (Gai Bian Zhi Ji)
竹林深處 In the Depths of the Bamboo Forest (Zhu Lin Shen Chu)

爱的就是你 (Ai De Jiu Shi Ni)
我們的歌 Our Song (Wo Men De Ge)
不可能錯過你 Impossible to Miss You (Bu Ke Neng Cuo Guo Ni)
公轉自轉 Revolution (Gong Zhuan Zhi Zhuan)
你是我心内的一首歌 You Are a Song in My Heart
第一個清晨 The First Morning (Di Yi Ge Qing Chen)
Can You Feel My World

World Vision Video Clip

一首簡單的歌 A Simple Song (Yi Shou Jian Dan De Ge)
爱, 因为在心中 (Sung together with HOManiacs, Malaysia fans club members!)
Forever Love
What's Wrong With Me (Chorus)

Happy Ending
十二生肖 12 Zodiacs
放開你的心 Release Your Heart (Fang Kai Ni De Xin)

2nd Encore (28-3-2013)
愛錯 Loved Wrongly (Ai Cuo)
依然愛你 (Yi Ran Ai Ni)
Kiss Goodbye 

2nd Encore (29-3-2013)
依然愛你 (Yi Ran Ai Ni)
大城小愛 Big City, Small Love (Da Cheng Xiao Ai)
Kiss Goodbye

2nd Encore (30-3-2013)
依然愛你 (Yi Ran Ai Ni)
大城小愛 Big City, Small Love (Da Cheng Xiao Ai)
Lean On Me
你不在 You're Not Here (Ni Bu Zai)
Kiss Goodbye

Just a short entry for now. More videos, pictures as well as the full concert review *fingers crossed* soon!!

One pic for your viewing pleasure before I sign off today....

til then, ttfn! ^^

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