Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lack of updates

Once again, this online journal of mine is full of spiderwebs due to my lack of updates recently. I'm actually quite disappointed with myself for not sparing more time writing nowadays; be it in my own journal or blabbing in the cyberspace. =(

I'm mostly tied up to my work, and even if I have the time to relax, I feel exhausted and I WOULD just sit down in front of the telly and watch some nonsense from the tv and not spending more time facing the computer now. If I'm not in front of my tv or laptop doing work, I prefer to just go and play with my little nephew...It's quite tiring to face the comp for more than 15 hours a day... Sigh, I feel like I've lost my social life now after I started working in Klang. Can I just leave and get a job somewhere far away from home????????

Well, sometimes I do have the thoughts about changing a new environment. However, when I think again, if I do, I will never know whether the challenges that I'm having now will lead me to a better path and flourish in the future. Sigh... So, in the mean time I'll just have to bear with the stress that I've put myself into and get over it as soon as I can!! I'll give myself a couple of months more before deciding on what to do next. Wish me luck!

I'll just stop for now. Will post more food pics that I've taken in the past few months soon... til then, ttfn

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