Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mayday 諾亞方舟 KL Concert

After watching Mayday performed live in Connecticut and Los Angeles about 3 years ago, I didn't have the chance to meet them since. So when their concert tickets starts selling in Malaysia, I quickly grab the chance and bought myself a ticket to go to their concert! ^^

Here are the pics that I've taken last weekend in Putra Indoor Stadium. Oh ya, I stood smack right in front of Ashin in the rockzone area. (actually behind bloodbubble coz I need to hide my camera in case the security wanted to confiscate it) hehehe... This was my first time standing so near to the stage in a mosh pit! 

Anyway, here are few of my favourites of the lads for the night. Enjoy~ 

First song... 

GuanYou 冠佑 the drummer... The only pic I think was quite OK of him... hahahah. Not a fan, so one shot is good enough

Masa 瑪莎 the bass guitarist. Cheeky fella with lotsa cute gestures

Stone 石頭 the guitarist.. Still remembered he point out to the whole arena in Universal Studio LA of the  Malaysia sign I was holding in LA. hehehehe...

Ashin 阿信 the lead vocalist and also majority fans favourite band member...

Last but not least, Monster 怪獸 the lead guitarist of Mayday!!! 80% of the pics I have captured consist of this guy... hehehe

and the five of them together!

Before I conclude, here's a pic of the peeps that I joined screaming and enjoying the rock concert together!

til then, ttfn! ^^

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やんいーりん said...

i also remember when Stone pointed out the Msia banner you were holding during the LA concert! haha