Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pick a colour today, and it's BLUE!

Emo emo emo... Why do I feel blue from time to time? I always feels bad and down for the slightest thing happened or even for no apparent reasons! Today was no exception. I have kept myself occupied yesterday by going out to friends' house for CNY gatherings and my mood has been okay the whole time. In contrast, I stayed home the whole time today and my mind started to take its toll and wander and wander and wander to the things that bothered me recently.

I wanted to have someone to talk to but it seems that I couldn't find anyone who is attentive enough to talk to today. Maybe because of the festive seasons, everyone is either busy preparing for tonight's prayers, or just doing their weekend house visitings...

So, what did I do in the end?? I don't have the habit of taking afternoon naps and today I actually tried to nap! Went up to my room, took an hour nap and waking up feeling more tired after that! Dreamed of things that aren't that 'auspicious' and I quickly awake with cold sweat... I do have some really poor sleeping patterns most of the time, but this just got worse. I can barely goes to sleep peacefully at night, or once I doze off, I'll get up after a while. Even when I goes to bed very very late at night when I am super tired, I still wakes up early the next morning. I want to get more rest for goodness sake!!!! T_T

The time now is exactly 12.00am and it's officially Day 9 of the Lunar new year and normally Chinese will be having prayers for Jade Emperor of Heaven a.k.a. 拜天公. Fireworks have started to fill the night sky and I don't know what time will this end (normally will be after 1 to 2 hours). I will be starting work tomorrow morning and really really hope that my sleep won't be disturbed by so much after all these fireworks have ended.

til then, ttfn! 

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