Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bell's Palsy: Day 23

Was admitted to hospital to have thorough check up on my nerves and brain the other day. Thank goodness things are fine except for some sugar and white blood cell issue which are little bit on the high side at the moment. The left side of my face is now almost recovered... My smile still is a bit crooked but I think it's still acceptable compared to my condition during the first two weeks. =) Some people I knew have recommended me to go to acupuncture if the problem persist. Well, I'll wait for another week and see how it goes for now...

It's day 15 and also the last day of the Lunar New Year. Frankly speaking, this new year doesn't seem like a good one to me at the time being! hahahah... Anyway, Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone!

til then, ttfn! ^^

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