Monday, February 18, 2013

Bell's Palsy: Day 17

One more improvement on my condition today!! Just did some facial exercises in front of the mirror and when I smile, another additional tooth on my left was visible!!! Yayyyyyyy *I'm on cloud nine now*

Teeth showing aside, I couldn't see any improvements in others. Cheek still can't be puffed, it seems like my cheek muscle doesn't want to show any sign of recovering... hhmmm... Left eye still can't wink, but the dryness has subside quite a bit today. I only put my artificial tears twice today due to work and it is still bearable though! ^^ Went to see my doctor during lunch break for a chat and she has referred me to a specialist in a hospital for some scanning and check up. Will probably do this during the weekend.

Alright, just a very brief update for today. I'm actually feeling happy at this moment after so many days of being moody/ blue/ down. til then, ttfn! =)

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Anonymous said...

Hihi, r u still active on blogs? I left a message on your fb account. :) Do check it out if you don't mind. hehehe ~xw~