Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bell's Palsy: Day 15

Today is the beginning of week 3 since the day I have gotten Bell's Palsy (BP).

On the 2nd of February, I was feeling a little weird on my face but I just shrugged it off thinking it's just the lack of sleep from previous few days. During dinner, everything seem normal until the time when my niece and I bought a cuppa of Taiwanese styled tea with some jelly in the drink. I drank from the straw and my drink automatically spill out, once again I shrugged it off thinking maybe because the straw is too 'fat'. I then gave my whole cup of iced tea for my niece instead. 

The condition got worse in Day 2. I seem to be having difficulty while eating and drinking, and lose control of the left side of my face. I was out with my friends shopping the whole day but I still kept quiet about the sudden changes to my face. When I got home and while taking my shower, I noticed that my left side eyelid couldn't seem to close tight as the water keep on going into my eyes. I got out of my shower and immediately went to the nearest clinic to have a medical consultation. The doctor has prescribed prednisone to me and I've been taking that for the past two weeks.

I've read from quite a number of articles and blog posts about BP and it quite freaks me out after viewing one article after another. My emotions were not as stable as before and the mood swings are killing me in fact. I refused to have my picture taken when my colleague and friends asked me to during this festive season. Today is Lunar New Year day 7, and I normally loves to capture everything and anything I see when we go out for gatherings and new year visitings. hhmmm...Will try my best to smile for the camera later if we happen to capture any pictures..

So far, I've seen slight improvement on my face. I managed to crack a teeny weeny smile yesterday and frankly I was delighted when I saw that approximate 5mm smile. Also, I tried drinking from a glass and I can slowly control the water from spilling out from my slight parted lips! What has caused all these doesn't matter to me anymore, all I need now is to be prepared. Nonetheless, I need still to stay calm and be positive that it'll heal over time. So, lets just keep my fingers crossed, hope and wish and pray that my condition will be fully recovered as soon as I can (yeah, I know I can't be rushing stuffs like this at the moment).

til then, ttfn.

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