Friday, January 4, 2013

Homemade basic cheesecake

One of the cakes my family enjoys most is cheesecake, the homemade ones. Hence, one of my sister's specialty in baking is definitely cheesecake as well! Well, I was in the mood for baking the other day and I can humbly say the basic cheesecake I made was considered a success! ^^

The ingredients: 

500gm cream cheese
150gm sugar
120gm sour cream
6gm vanilla essence
5 eggs
160gm McVities


1) Preparing base of the cake. Crush Mcvities (or Oreo, according to ones' preference)

2) Melt butter in the microwave and mix into the crushed cookie base.
3) Place and press the cookie base into baking tray and let it freeze while preparing for batter of the cake. 

4) Add cream cheese and sugar into a mixer bowl to beat for approximately 10 minutes

5) Pour in vanilla essense into the batter (can be substitute with lemon/ orange zest)

6) Add in two eggs at a time and beat for about 1 minute

7) Pour in sour cream and mix well

8) Wrap aluminium foil outside of the cake mould to prevent water for going into the cake

9) Pour the mixed batter into the cake mould

10) Steam cake in the oven for about 90 minutes in low heat

11) Let it cool and chill... and the cake is ready to be served!  

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