Wednesday, November 27, 2013

E-news of the month..

Woohoo here comes the biggest entertainment news of the month (correction: or shall I say news of the year) for all Leehom fans!

Our favourite artist Leehom Wang posted this on his official facebook page early this morning attached with a picture of his girlfriend!

Here goes:

"這幾年你們在微博上最多留言是 “趕快找到你的 Forever Love”。 我很幸運遇到了一個可以牽手,共度未來 的女孩子。 因為她不是娛樂圈人,所以你們還不認識她,但我也不希望你們從別的管道認識。 她的名字是李靚(jing) 蕾,今年27歲,目前在哥倫比亞讀研究所,王爸爸媽媽都很 喜歡她,希望你們也是。 The past few years your comments here have often been about "hope you find your Forever Love". I'm lucky to have met a girl to hold hands with and share my future. She's not in the entertainment business so you don't know her, but I also don't want to create the opportunity for rumors so… her name is Lee Jinglei, she's 27 years old and a graduate student at Columbia. Wangbaba & Mama love her and I hope you will too."
We sincerely wishes this lovely couple lots of happiness to come. Finally he found his forever love! ^^ Well well well, I guess there will be a lot of girls' heart that are crushed today! hahahaha...  

til then, ttfn!

Monday, September 30, 2013

The 20 Things You Need To Let Go To Be Happy

Found this article from Ashley Fern of Pennsylvania and it's rather interesting to read.. =)

Everyone has one common goal in life: to achieve true happiness. The biggest factor holding us back from achieving our dreams is, simply and sadly, our own selves. We put limitations on ourselves everyday, whether intentionally or unintentionally. There are so many ways we can alleviate these restraints.

Remember, life can either be something you embrace or something you hide from. Stop making things complicated and just live your life. It would be so much simpler and more enjoyable if we learned to just release certain limitations.

Let’s take a look at the things you need to let go of in order to become a happier person.

1. The Approval Of Others
Who gives a sh*t what other people think? If you are happy with the decisions you have made, then whose business is that but your own? Think of how much you could achieve if you stopped letting other people’s opinions dictate the way you live your life. Do you, and engage in whatever actions you think might better your life.

2. Anger/Resentment
Anger will eat at you from the inside. Learn how to make peace with those who have wronged you. This isn’t about letting the other person off the hook; it’s about alleviating the pain that resonates within you. Keep in mind that he who angers you, controls you.

3. Negative Body Image
There is only one person’s opinion you should be concerned with when it comes to your body and that is you. No one person determines what the “correct” body type is. If you are comfortable in your own skin, and you are healthy, then that should be the only thing that matters. Do not let others tell you that you’re not beautiful because if you believe you are, then you are.

4. Idea Of A Perfect Partner
There is no such thing as a perfect partner, so throw your checklist out the window. In life, what prevents us from moving forward is looking at the perfect image of a partner we concoct in our minds. Find the right person for you: one that you can love with all your heart, one you feel comfortable with and one that accepts you for the person you are. The sooner you realize there isn’t one perfect person out there for you, the better off you will be.

5. Perfect Life
Just like there is no perfect partner, there is also not a perfect life. Life is what you put into it, so if you are not willing to work hard and put forth effort, you will most likely end up miserable. The choices you make will directly reflect the life you lead. It is up to you to create the best possible world for yourself.

6. You’re Going To Be Rich
Too many people live their lives with the thought that they will be millionaires. While this can be a realistic goal for some, it is not something that can be achieved without hard work and dedication. Stop letting money be your sole motivator; find a career you are passionate about and immerse yourself in it completely.

7. The Idea That Good Fortune Will Arrive At Your Doorstep
You need to go out into the world and actively look for fulfillment. You cannot take a backseat in life and expect things to happen for you. Appreciate the life you live, and be grateful for what you have. Value each minute of every day. Live like there’s no tomorrow, and make the most out of any situation.

8. Excuses
Make no time for excuses. You want to work out, but you don’t have the time? Wake up early and get your gym on. Excuses are only rationalizations that make you feel better about yourself for not doing something you want/need to be doing. You desire results? Stop bitching, and start doing.

9. Thoughts Of Your Ex
This person is your ex for a reason. If you are going to think of him or her at all, try and think only about the lessons the experience taught you. Do not linger on any old feelings, as this will only prevent you from being happy with someone else in the future.

10. Stubbornness
I know it’s hard to admit, but sometimes you are just wrong. Other people have just as much capability as you do in providing the correct answer, so stop being stubborn and just embrace it. The less stubborn you act, the more open you are to learning new things. Think of all you could be exposed to if you stopped believing in opinions other than your own.

11. Procrastination
Stop thinking you will finally get to whatever task is at hand tomorrow. Live in the present, and get your sh*t done when it needs to be done. Maximize your time to the best of your ability. Complete each task you need to as soon as you can. This allows you to feel free from worry and stress by getting things out of the way as soon as possible. You also allow yourself more free time to enjoy the things you love.

12. Your Baggage
We have all been hurt one time or another by someone we loved, or we thought we loved. Carrying negative feelings into future relationships will only prove to be disastrous. No two people are the same, so it’s unfair to hold a future partner to a standard set by an ex. Try to begin each new relationship with a clean slate.

13. Negativity
What you put out into the universe will come back to you, so change the way you think, immediately. Stop thinking of life as a glass half empty, but rather, half full. You have so much to be grateful for, if only you took a moment to appreciate it. Anything is possible in the mind of a positive thinker.

14. Judgmental Thoughts
Why do people feel the need to constantly worry about what is going on in other people’s lives? If we spent as much time worrying about our own behaviors as we do worrying about those of others, our lives would be a whole lot more meaningful. You have no idea what is going on in another person’s life, so who are you to pass judgment on the way they act?

15. Jealousy
Happiness is not having what you want; it’s wanting what you have. Stop envying others and learn to appreciate what you have. Everyone’s life is unique; you have certain things to offer that others cannot. When we act in a jealous manner, all we do is bring negative feelings into our lives. There is absolutely nothing to gain from behaving this way.

16. Insecurity
Happy people tend to have extremely high levels of self-esteem. They accept who they are and work it everyday of their lives. They radiate confidence, flaunt their pride and give off positive vibes. There is no reason to be insecure in life. If there are things you are self-conscious about, go out into the world and seek to change them. Only you have the ability to create the best version of yourself.

17. Depending On Others For Happiness
At the end of the day, the only person you can count on 100 percent of the time is yourself. Do not make the unfortunate mistake many people do and put your happiness in the hands of others. A relationship is not going to fulfill the void if you can’t even make yourself happy. You need to achieve happiness on your own before you can find someone else to share it with. This creates a detrimental dependency that will prevent you from becoming self-sufficient.

18. The Past
Stop living in the past! There is virtually nothing you can gain if you wallow in mistakes you have previously made. Take past mistakes as lessons learned, and move forward. You cannot wholeheartedly move on to a better future if you are constantly looking behind you. Things happened, and that’s that. Take them with a grain of salt and move on.

19. The Need For Control
Sometimes you just need to let life happen the way it is meant to. You cannot spend your life stressing about things that are outside of your control. Try to relax, and let things play out naturally. Embrace the unknown, as this is where you will be surprised the most. Let yourself be whisked into unforeseen endeavors, and relish in the excitement they bring.

20. Expectations
Managing your expectations is the key to happiness. If you let go of expectations, you will never be disappointed. Often, we tend to believe that the way we treat others will be the way we are treated in return. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Do not expect a certain result from any given situations. Go into an experience with an open mind. This will allow you to fully immerse yourself, without the pressure of living up to preconceived notions.

 * article from

Friday, September 20, 2013

Stop barking, start talking

The scenario happened today. 

I’ve encountered with a mad dog (or shall I refer it as a bitch since it’s a female dog anyway) and she vigorously attacked a small little puppy who seemed clueless about things that happened in the surrounding.  She kept barking and barking and barking and barking until at one point the little puppy felt so helpless and eventually wept. 

The little puppy got quite upset and was thinking to retaliate at some point but did not as the bitch was after all, quite big in size. In the end, the little puppy just walked away when the bitch started to quieten down. Moments later, the puppy was all happy again as it found something that amuses it.

Moral of the story:
Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day like what the puppy found amusing after that unhappy encounter with the bitch. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Group pic with Leehom

This year we, Leehom fans in Malaysia (or us specifically) are considered very very lucky as he finally changed! hahahaha... Leehom is STILL in town for his movie shooting together with co-star Chris Hemsworth and Tang Wei. Today my whatsapp messages kept buzzing into my phone and they plan to go visit him at his film set somewhere nearby KLCC area.

I was still contemplating whether to go or not to go to KL after work as I was really quite tired after a long day at work. In the end, I followed the majority and decided to go as my friend(CF; our new Hommies) offered to drive both of us there! hehehe... The traffic was really bad, can you imagine sitting in the car for more than two hours for a supposedly 40 minutes drive from Klang to KL!! We reached the place quite late and were lucky as we only waited for a while before the filming crew started packing... which meant only one thing... What is it? hahahah Our favourite artist will be coming down any minute! ^^

As he was heading to his car, one of the fans asked for a group picture. At that point of time, he already went into the car and came back out to take a picture with us despite having a long day filming! So, today is yet another joyful day for us! hahahaha...

Here's the picture! 

We were all damn happy after that but this time the group pic was taken from a cellphone instead of camera. I felt like kicking myself for not responding straightaway when his assistant asked for camera. Anyway, it is still a memorable night for us...  Gotta sleep and have a sweet dream in a bit...

til then, ttfn! ^^

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One picture, many platforms

I've been bombarded with these three pictures where my friends have sent me via whatsapp this morning (and afternoon). I know it's really nothing much but I'm still feeling kinda good coz most of my friends knew I am a fan of Leehom's and whenever they see anything on the paper, they'll forward them to me! (I don't read chinese newspapers by the way)

So, here are the 3 papers that reported on Leehom's arrival in Malaysia today. 

I'm not sure which picture belonged to which paper, but they're from Guang Ming, Sin Chew and Nan Yang. 




I know by now you must be thinking I am mad as I've been posting the same picture over and over again... But hey, it's my online space and I'm free to post anything whenever I feel like it! hahaha... 

Oh, I've also screen-cap Leehom's official posts from Facebook and Weibo as well.. XD

Here goes...the first from facebook, and the one written in Chinese characters is from Weibo. 

Okay, enough of my rambling today. til then, ttfn! ^^

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Leehom's arrival in KLIA (Part 2)

Feeling contented and happy coz I get to see my favourite artist last night! 

I was suppose to go to Bukit Jalil to attend Myfm's 15th birthday bash but my plan was cancelled when I forgotten to bring the tickets out! T_T

So, I head over to KL to meet up with my Homgang for CC's farewell. Halfway through, we got info that Mr Wang Leehom will be arriving at KLIA in a few hours time so we changed our plan again! hahahaha... Kinda pity CC as we were suppose to do a farewell dinner for her, and then she ended up going to the airport with us. We did compensate the dinner with supper and cocktails for her after that though..^^

Anyway, here are some pictures that I've taken last night at KLIA...

Few policemen escorting him from the arrival hall... 

Briefly waving at fans who are patiently waiting for about an hour in the airport..

Walking out in very very casual style... XD

Swoosh..... walk past me and Leehom was out of focus through my camera lens! arghhh....

He then walked over to the car and patiently signed most of the stuff that fans (including myself) passed to him.


I always thought its really very tough to live a life of a celebrity.. At times when people annoy you, you still need to put on that smiling cap. Not really sure if he's feeling crappy or smile sincerely here after all the signings... hhmmm... 

After he has done signing, I think someone requested for a group picture and he actually agreed. I think this was the very first time he agreed to take pic with Malaysia fans in KLIA!! But sigh, the picture was taken by one of his crew so I can only wait patiently for him to post it on his social network site. *fingers crossed*
Anyway, all of us a.k.a the fans left KLIA feeling very good... Here's a pic of the things that I passed to him for autograph! 
 Thank YOU so much!!!

Update: 11.45pm
Leehom just uploaded this pic to facebook! *happieeee*

til then, ttfn.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Leehom's arrival in KLIA

Wooot! Leehom is in town to shoot his latest movie 'Cyber'. Heard that he will be in Malaysia for his movie filming for a duration of one month! Being the fangirl that I have been for the past many many years, I followed my friends over to the airport to welcome him at the airport... I wasn't feeling very well that day and also the night before but still went ahead to the airport nonetheless.. hehehehe... 

Leehom was really nice this time around. Answered few fans questions while signing autographs, a bit chatty at times, etc. Here are some pics that I have captured while he was busy signing away... lol


I felt very lucky today coz initially his back was facing me, but then a boy in front of me tapped on his shoulder to ask for his autograph and he turned around and ta-daa, he was right in front of me already. hehehe

 Charming guy signing stuff... hehehe

Oh, how can I forget to bring one or two items for his autograph, right? Brought two CDs to KLIA and got them signed! ^^

til then, ttfn! ^^

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My long awaited vacation!

Hello holiday.... hello sun, beach and great company! Finally my family allowed me to go for my booked trip to Boracay today....My friends and I have actually booked the flight ticket one year ago and last two weeks when I told them I'm going to Boracay, they said OK. BUT when they asked me Boracay is situated in which country, when they heard the word 'Phillipines' both of them straightaway said NO to me.

Anywayssss, fast forward two weeks later, I have the green light to go now. Feeling ecstatic now so got to at least babble a bit here. hahahaha

Ok-larh, gotta sign off in a bit. 

til then, ttfn! ^^

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fishy fishy

Well, I'm going to start writing more from today onwards.. I promise!!! And my lack of updates will be resumed with none other than another food log... 

Nothing much special, but the special thing is that I've prepared it by myself! Got quite tired with lunch places aroud my office area.. it's really sickening having the same hawker food every day and I've decided to make my own lunch to work for a few days in a week! =)

Here's what I have prepared for today's lunch. 

The ingredients were prepared the night before I go to bed and I just need to cook them after I woke up in the morning.. Frankly, most of the meal that I've prepared before this are simple, and today was no exception. hahahaha

Dory fish, and flat beans with baby corns. I pan fry my fish with some olive oil, and stir fry those veggies with some light soy sauce & seasalt. Easy peasy... ^^

Ta-da... Lunch for today. Boiled another egg just in case the meal doesn't satisfy my growling stomach.

Will continue to post some of my simple lunches if I prepared more in the coming days. 

til then, ttfn! ^^

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Bought a few photobook deals from some discount sites a few months ago and I didn't bother to create the book until the last few days before it's going to be expired! hahahaha...

RM53.00 for a 52-pages hardcover book is really a bargain! I'm not really good in designing.... but it's good enough to preserve all the fond memories from trips or just normal outings with family and friends... ^^

This is actually my second time buying from Photobook Malaysia as I think their colours and quality of the books are great. Waited for about a week before my stuff are delivered on my doorstep and I think it's quite prompt compared to another photobook company that I've ordered before this. *thumbs up*

Can't wait for the next photobook deals from them again! Need to order at least 5 more books the next round... heehee

til then, ttfn! ^^

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy 37th Birthday!

Happy 37th birthday to my favourite artist, Mr Leehom Wang!  

Wishing you good health, more great music and blessings... Oh, and pay Malaysia more visits in the future! Cheers!!

til then, ttfn! ^^

Friday, May 3, 2013

Yummy lunch @ Antipodean

Had a breakfast meal as lunch the other day and I think it was fantastic! hahahaha

Yummy lunch at Antipodean, Bangsar... Bacon, egg with croissant. The portion was huge! Always opt for two meals to be shared among three person if you aren't a big eater. 

Oh by the way, this place is always packed with people! So try to go earlier if you prefer to sit in... ^^

til then, ttfn!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lack of updates

Once again, this online journal of mine is full of spiderwebs due to my lack of updates recently. I'm actually quite disappointed with myself for not sparing more time writing nowadays; be it in my own journal or blabbing in the cyberspace. =(

I'm mostly tied up to my work, and even if I have the time to relax, I feel exhausted and I WOULD just sit down in front of the telly and watch some nonsense from the tv and not spending more time facing the computer now. If I'm not in front of my tv or laptop doing work, I prefer to just go and play with my little nephew...It's quite tiring to face the comp for more than 15 hours a day... Sigh, I feel like I've lost my social life now after I started working in Klang. Can I just leave and get a job somewhere far away from home????????

Well, sometimes I do have the thoughts about changing a new environment. However, when I think again, if I do, I will never know whether the challenges that I'm having now will lead me to a better path and flourish in the future. Sigh... So, in the mean time I'll just have to bear with the stress that I've put myself into and get over it as soon as I can!! I'll give myself a couple of months more before deciding on what to do next. Wish me luck!

I'll just stop for now. Will post more food pics that I've taken in the past few months soon... til then, ttfn

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Leehom Genting "Open Fire 火力全開" concert

Music-man II round II was held for THREE consecutive nights in Genting Highlands from 28th to 30th March 2013. My friends and I are very lucky to have the privilege to go to all three shows! It's my 7th time attending Music-man II concert and I am still very much excited when he came out to perform each time! ^^

The organiser, Galaxy Malaysia has done a good job in organising the event. For the first time after attending so many Leehom concerts by them, in my humble opinion, they did great this time around! Ok, back to the concert now.. hehehe...

He opened the show with the very energetic song 火力全開 Huo Li Quan Kai but this time without the 'war tank'.

Handsome looking Leehom in his first concert costume... 

When I say 火力, you say 全開! Leehom: "火力!", Crowd: "全開"!!! Leehom: "火力!", Crowd: "全開"!!!!!! *and crowd cheering as loudly as they can*

Liked this pic a lot! Stage presentation was once again superb in this not too huge indoor arena... Leehom singing to 唯一 The One and Only here.. =)

Sexy backs....

As usual, his shows were always awesome in his own unique ways. Leehom played lots of musical instruments during his concert showcasing his versatility in different instruments such as the piano, erhu, violin and electric guitar. This time was no exception as the first one he played was piano.

He surprised the whole arena when he started playing and sang to our legend P.Ramlee's piece called 'Getaran Jiwa' He's so cute especially when pronouncing 'Andai' with his American slang...

During his second show, Leehom invited Najwa Latif (one of the many YouTube stars) to duet with him when he sang half way to the song 你不知道的事 Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi and Getaran Jiwa (29th March 2013). Najwa Latif is one lucky girl as Leehom has handpicked her out of the many many many stars wannabe from Youtube!

Please be careful and don't fall from the chair okay, Leehom? hahaha...

The whole arena's temperature seems to rise to a few degrees higher when this beautiful lady appear.

Sexy sexy dance! The crowd went wild and screamed their lungs out when he danced to the song Beautiful with his dancer 捣蛋老師.

My favourite part of the concert was towards the end of the song Julia. He was too into his violin until some of the strings broke and can be seen so clearly from the pic above. hehehe...

He is most charming whenever he held a violin in his hand! Don't all of you agree? =)

Leehom strutting his stuff with two dancers at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands.

Here comes the erhu... 在那遙遠的地方 At That Faraway Place

Leehom's band leader together with Leon, David, Yin Yin & Jian Ai, his backing vocals...

It's Chinked-out time...

蓋世英雄 Heroes of Earth followed by 在梅邊 Zai Mei Bian and 花田錯 Hua Tian Cuo...
A pic of this cool robe once again. Can't help to capture a photo of this robe in every concert of his! lol...

Looking straight into the v-cam.... It sure looked good on the big screen! Too bad I didn't manage to capture the moment.

Leehom with Bahamut the expensive electric guitar! hahaha

First gush of confetti from the ceiling.... Looking so good here! He was so high in spirits the whole time!

Interacting with the audience and thanking the fans that flew from all over the world for his shows in Malaysia.

I've seen this many times but everytime I watch this animation part, I still crack up in wide smiles looking at the screen and Leehom!

我可以改變世界 改變自己 改變龜毛 改變小氣... la la la la laaaaa....

During the first night when we do not have very good seatings in the arena, we were very very anxious up to the acapella part. Why is that so? My fellow HOManiacs and I were actually on a 'standby' mode to go up on stage with Leehom to perform this song called 爱, 因为在心中 for the first time in front of approximately 6,000 viewers!

We are really lucky and fortunate to have this opportunity to be on the same stage with him! We were all very nervous on the first night but the nervous feeling later turned out to be fun, satisfying and rewarding (3rd night hug *ehem ehem*) the next two nights... =)

Leehom introduced us as Homaniacs, the 'maniacs' that are very much into music and the bunch that have supported his music since his debut more than a decade ago. Compared to previous Music-man concerts, they invited children instead of fans to perform this song. Homaniacs (Malaysia official fans club) is the first bunch of fans that have the honour to belt out 爱, 因为在心中 in his Music-man concert! So, a hurrah to us! ^^

Danielle, myself two backing vocals.. We actually have only two weekends to get everyone together out of their own hectic schedules to practice and learn sign language to this song. So, yeah, I am actually very proud to be a part of it!

Another lucky girl HJ! This lady was picked to be the female lead vocalist one day before the concert when we were rehearsing in the arena. hahahaha... Everyone sort of like freak out as we did not prepare anyone to be the lead vocal for the song. In the end, we pushed HJ to be that person to do it! lolollll

Right after 爱, 因为在心中 performance, we quickly dash back to our seats and already there were dozens and dozens of fans standing in front of the stage. So, I hurriedly join them only to realised that I am too short thus making it harder for me to enjoy the concert compared to where I was seated! hahahaha...

Squeezed into the crowd.. Went closer to him to admire his dashing looks and head back to my row 6 seat five minutes later! LOL.. 

During his encore session on the final night of the concert (30th March 2013), some fans from the crowd requested him to sing 'Lean On Me' and much to everyone's surprise, he did sang the whole song spontaneously on the spot! This is what we (as fans) lurve about him! He can be as spontaneous as he can yet still manage to give us beautiful songs like almost instantly...Another encore number 依然愛你 Yi Ran Ai Ni!!! Really lurve it to bitsss..

An energetic choreography to the song 十二生肖 12 Zodiacs.

It was my first time watching him dancing to this song and I was grateful to be there that three nights!

Showing a heart sign to the song 放開你的心 Fang Kai Ni De Xin... Luv luv luvvvv!

Is that 'V' sign a signature of Leehom already? He kept doing that for numerous times throughout the concert when he has the chance!

Not used to Malaysian weather? He can be seen constantly wiping his sweat even in the so-called cooling weather at Genting Highlands!

Oh, towards the end of the show, one of the fans threw to him this Ikea pillow and he captured the pillow just in time and hugged it tightly! The scene was so hilarious and adorable at the same time...

Muackkssss to everyone and have a good night!

Leehom certainly got a very good stamina as he still put on a splendid show for his Malaysian fans! Each night's performance was better than the previous ones and we enjoyed so much from the start to the end of the concert! This will be one very unforgettable experience for all of us that went to his three shows... 

One last pic of us before I conclude this entry..

HOManiacs rocks! 

til then, ttfn! ^^