Sunday, December 2, 2012

王力宏 Leehom Wang 《火力全开MUSIC-MAN II》 Round II Concert

Oh my.... Leehom will be coming to Malaysia for his second round of Music-man II world tour concert!! Personally I think it's great as the first round of concert which was held in Stadium Merdeka wasn't all that fun because of the heavy downpour...

The concert will be held in Arena of Stars, Genting for two evenings (29th & 30th March 2013) and I'm sure it will be a whole lot better! 

Seating arrangement/ floor plan for Music-Man II round Two live in Malaysia 2013

Ticket Prices ( All numbered seating)
VVIP - RM1,000.00
PS1 - RM660.00
PS2 - RM520.00
PS3 - RM390.00
PS4 - RM290.00
PS5 - RM190.00

Bookings through HOManiacs is now close but you can grab your tickets from Genting, as well as Galaxy outlets located at MidValley Boulevard City and also Sungai Wang.

Again, I won't be going for the VIP seats... Really can't afford to pay a whopping one grand on a single concert ticket... Galaxy Entertainment continuously increase RM200.00 for each Leehom's concert VIP seats in Malaysia.... That is quite a pain actually... *sigh*

Signing off now. Til then, ttfn! 


NinNezy said...

hey,the concert is just paying one time for 2 days concert?

sunset2712 said...

Hi NinNezy, no it's not. You need to buy separate tickets for different days. There's an extra show on 28th March as well.

Kraig said...

Can we choose the number seat ourself when purchasing?