Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My iPhone4 got snatched this morning and now I am left with just the cable and earphones in my bag.

This happened at Teluk Gadong commuter station when I was waiting for the train to work. There was only me and another Malay girl when that bastard came and snatched my phone away from my hand... My first reaction was to pull back the phone to me.  He pulled again for another time then managed to grab my phone away and ran towards his partner in crime and both of them ride off in the motorbike. It was still dark (approx 5 minutes to 6.00am) and I was still in shock so I couldn't manage to get to see the number plate or anything.

There goes the lifespan of my phone... after using it for more than 2 years, I've stored soooo much things in the phone and it's quite a pain to try to recall what is in there and need to change all my passwords thereafter. But I still need to be thankful he did not grab my handbag or worse still, hurt me or anything... SIGGHHHH.... curse both of them. May that two bastards got hit by a big lorry or truck and die on the spot! arggghhh...

Read from somewhere saying that Malaysia's crime rate has dropped? It's all craaaapppp!

no mood to continue further.


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