Sunday, October 28, 2012

Big Bang 'Alive Tour' 2012

South Korean boyband Big Bang was in town for their Alive concert tour and surprise, surprise, I went too!!! Janice got us tickets to the concert when I was enjoying Leehom's concert in Singapore last two months. I wasn't really sure what she said over the phone and I just agree and said okay to everything she says.

So, here we are... at Stadium Merdeka (once again!) I have promised myself not to go to this run down stadium after Avril Lavigne's concert. Unfortunately, I have broken it. Came to this stadium for concert twice after my first time.. *sigh*

Anywaysss... It's Big Bang now!

Tae Yang, Dae Sung, G-Dragon, Seung Ri & T.o.p in their own respective out of space capsules. 

We were there quite early coz I don't want to be stuck at the very back of the open-air arena after paying almost 200 bucks for the entrance ticket. BUT loook at the already over-crowded crowd queuing!

It started to rain at about 4pm but we are still filled with energy... Thus, the happy looking picture although we're already in our rain coats... hahaha....

Borrowed one of the fans' plastic fan to take this pic! loll... Top right person looks a bit like Daniel Wu here... ^^

After waiting for several hours, we're finally on the stadium field! Free standing isn't all that fun after all.... The rain stopped for some brief moments, then continue to pour heavily until 8.30pm!

Picture credit to Running into the sun. 
I missed their opening part as I was still struggling to have glimpse of them on the field. I cannot see them even from the screen as fans surrounding me started screaming and shrieking and screaming like maniacs when the boys finally appeared.. =(

Picture credit to Running into the sun. 

Picture credit to Coral Wong. 

Pardon the low quality pictures taken from my mobile phone below... Although they're not clear, but I still insist on posting them here coz they're taken with lots of tip-toeing and sweat! These were taken towards the end of the show when I have gained more good mood after the downpour.

The show lasted for a duration of two hours only! I only knew about 10 songs from them so it would not be fair for them if I say they weren't good. They are awesome actually.... hahahaha....

Setlist for Big Bang Alive Tour, Malaysia stop.

Still Alive. Tonight. Hands Up. Fantastic Baby. How Gee. Stupid Liar. Knock Out. High High. Strong Baby. What Can I Do. Gara Gara. Number One. One of a Kind. Crayon. Bad Boy. Blue. Monster. Feeling. Wedding Dress. Wings. Haru Haru. Lies. Last Farewell.

I took recorded quite a few numbers but only THIS turned out to be okay because there wasn't alot of screaming to this song. hahahaha... Click HERE to view Big Bang Malaysia 'Alive' Tour performing BLUE 

Encore session was fantastic!

The boys came back out to the stage performing Heaven, Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby and Hands Up. 

Picture credit to Coral Wong. 
Rubbish everywhere!
The after effect of an event on a rainy day. Ponchos and rubbish scattered throughout the whole field! I did my part by putting away my rain coat into my bag and dispose them only when I'm home
Frankly, I did not enjoy to the max this time as I was reaaalllyyy surrounded by a bunch of energetic teenagers that were screaming practically the whole time! It was freaking loud I thought I was going to become deaf at one point! 

k-larh, enough of rantings for today.

til then, ttfn! ^^


celine s said...

omg thank you so much for revealing the setlist cos i was too excited that night.. i tried so hard to recall it after getting home but i couldnt rmb all the songs they sang in order hahah.. pity u did not hv that much of a good time tho.. i hope u like them more now :)

Elise Seak said...

Hahaha... to be honest.. I was there screaming at the top of my lungs too... too bad.. I was not at the front row so, they can't hear me.. should have buy the cat 7 which only cost RM100++ better than mine.. RM200 over... I am so sad now *regretting* .. and the place is quite far too.. *sighing* And when I reached home, great!!! Sorethroat...But I still enjoyed the show... I shouted too loud, and one of the fan video I'd watched.. I can hear my shouts ...

Elise Seak said...

*When they are singing BLUE~~ -.-

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