Monday, August 13, 2012

Park Ji-Sung

I'm no fan of football or any footballers in the past, present or even future. 

This post is for my friend Juyen coz she lurves this Park Ji-Sung to bits! hahahaha... He is a South Korean footballer previously from Manchester United team, currently changed to QPR where he is a midfielder and also Captain! She made her siblings and myself go to watch Queens Park Rangers vs our Kelantan team play when QPR was in town two weeks ago.

I bet most of the people who supported QPR is here to see Park Ji-Sung in action... Much to her disappointment, he didn't get out to the field and play. We just saw him for 2 minutes max (that's a combination of FOUR times walking in and out to the place where other players sit and watch their teammates play) 

Even media and other pro photographers were all eagerly waiting to have a chance to shoot his pics up close!

First time see Mr Park Ji-Sung.... When he came out before the match...

Second time...  After first half of the game

Third time... Before second half starts

and finally, fourth time! After the match ended.... hahahaha

Result of the friendly match. As expected I guess...

 and here's myself and the footballer fan! hehehe...

til then, ttfn!

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