Monday, August 20, 2012

Leehom Singapore "Open Fire 火力全開" concert

Short trip to the land of Merlion just for Leehom's concert which was held in Singapore Indoor Stadium. Went there on Saturday morning and then back to KL on Sunday noon. 

Us before the start of our fourth Music-Man II show!  

We were very worried about our concert seating once again as this time, we are in Row 23!!! Although there are 22 more rows of people in front of us, our seating was still nearer compared to the one held in KL's Merdeka Stadium. *phew* To start with, there isn't any rain in sight (Duh, it's an indoor stadium! lol), sound systems were better, smaller venue, and best of all... lenient securities! ^^

I wasn't in the mood for taking lots of pictures during the concert as it is, after all the 4th stop we've attended. So, most of the pics below are taken by PF from my camera except the last one.

There wasn't any piano hanging in mid-air for this concert. However, it was replaced by another grand piano and his performance was still amazing, amazing and amaziiiinnnggg!!

All other musical instruments that he has played during his previous concerts were played beautifully on Saturday night.... Can't decided which I liked best, so will just post the one he played Er Hu for the song 在那遥远的地方. =)

I was singing along throughout the concert and among so many concerts, this one is considered as one of the top rated by my own.  

Oh ya, hurray to us, and also thanks to the security personnel whom are really lenient and let us enjoy the concert to the max!

When Leehom appeared from the back of the stadium singing 'A Simple Song' 一首簡單的歌, we dashed over to the front of the stage and stood there all the way to the end of the show

Leehom is full of energy during the concert enjoying every moment even though he was busy shooting for his upcoming movie alongside Zhang Ziyi the previous days. Some of my friends who went to Singapore earlier had the chance to see his movie shooting the day before at Marina Bay Sands.

 Singing with full emotion and passion.... 

Kiss Goodbye... last song he performed before he came out for the second encore session. The difference between KL and Singapore concert is THIS. He sang 依然愛你 (Yi Ran Ai Ni) + 你不在 (Ni Bu Zai) and I was really grateful I was already standing in front! hahahaha...

Finally... he is going backstage for real this time... *sobs* Well, PF and Soosan are going to Hong Kong for his 3 shows in Coliseum next month! I didn't tag along coz I wouldn't be able to take that one week leave, and I am so broke now! LOL...

Gonna share one more pic before I end this entry....

THIS, is my favourite pic of the night! hahahaha... He looks really different, and adorable at the same time!

til then, ttfn. ^^

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