Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Suki-Ya shabu shabu


Went over to the newly opened Suki-ya which is located in Paradigm Mall during the weekend to celebrate PF's birthday. This was my first time visiting the chain Japanese restaurant with all-you-can-eat sukiyaki & shabu shabu.

Priced at RM29.80++ for lunch and add another 10 bucks for dinner, I find this place quite worth paying a second or more visits in the future. The store manager even gave us two portions of fried chicken; complimentary! =)

We ordered for two hotpots with four different types of soup base for our meal! My preference, the shabu shabu! Lurve it when I just dipped the super thin sliced meat into the boiling pot and let it cooked for few seconds... It was just heavenly! There are 3 choices of meat served at Suki-Ya i.e. chicken, beef, lamb. yumssss... Oh, also not forgetting the wide variety of vegetables and other healthier sides like mushrooms, corns, etc.

We dined at Suki-ya for more than two hours and luckily no one chase us out! hahaha.... Eat, chat, and eat even more until we can't put in more food into our tummies already. Then it was dessert time and all of a sudden everyone miraculously said they have room for more to be filled into the stomach. LOL.

This was quite a contented experience for me coz the last buffet session I had was like more than 4 months ago. Cannot do this so often as it'll do damage to our stomachs! Once in a while is alright, right? hahahah...

k-lah, don't want to blab any longer.

til then, ttfn! ^^

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