Saturday, July 28, 2012

30-Hour Famine 2012

In exactly a week from now, I will be having fun while having an empty stomach for a duration of 30 hours!

Venue for the Famine 30 camp that I will be joining is at one of the community halls in Cheras. This is my very first camp experience! hahaha... I'm actually looking forward for this event alot, but at the same time worried that I will not stand the hunger. =(

There will be a mega motivation for all of us to strive at the 2-day event coz, surprise surprise, Leehom Wang will be coming over to the main venue located in Shah Alam at the end of the event! Yay, can get to see him again!! LOL. He is World Vision Malaysia's 15th Anniversary ambassador and of course he has to come experience this with the rest of us, right? Although the difference is that, he might/ most probably will be staying in a 5-star hotel room and we are not. hahahaha

Anyway, this one of the many events to create and increase awareness to the public and I hope the event would be fun and meaningful for all participants i.e myself, friends and even strangers!

til then, ttfn! ^^

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