Thursday, June 7, 2012

Too greedy!

I really don't know what to put as the title of this post.. Hence, I actually written the fact that we're too greedy when ordering more than what we can eat at Chili's!

We already knew from the start that the portions at these American chain restaurants are HUGE! But we still stubbornly go ahead and order starters and main course for each... hahaha...

The starters came, we had the bottomless tortilla chips. Before our main course was served, we were already 70% full! lol... When my main course was bring placed in front of me, I already don't feel like eating it anymore. So, both Juyen & I had a lil bit of the grilled chicken salad, and asked the waiter to pack my main course away. I don't want that huge plate to be placed on our table anymore! hahahaha... We managed to finish (almost) Juyen's main course though... hehehe

Moral of the story: Do NOT order food more than your stomach can take!

til then, ttfn!

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