Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jason & Adeline's Big Day

Date: 19th May 2012
Venue: Alor Setar

This entry comes about 1 and a half months late, but as the saying goes, better late than never, right?

One of the happiest day for alot of us friends from Sheffield as it's THE day where our close friends Jason & LeiLei ties the knot. Jason was my housemate during my stay in Sheffield... from Sharrow Street to Club Garden Road, the four of us shift our things from the old to new place we called our home for more than two years! So, how can we not join their wedding, right? hehehehe...

JackJack drove LeeCheah and myself all the way from KL to Alor Setar to attend the wedding. So, a big thanks to him! ^^

Caption time, here goes,

Morning ceremony - Adeline's close friends a.k.a. JiMuis busy preparing to welcome the groom and his entourage.

Beautiful bride and her maid of honour, Miss Phoenix Teng also our housemate and her niece.

We were quite surprised when the groom's troop arrived at the bride's place punctual! Normally, we would expect them coming late to avoid all the games from JiMuis... So, a big applause for them! Yay!

Jason's brothers sticking red colour notes on the heart-shaped paper. Since Alor Setar is so close to the Thailand border, they stuck Thai baht onto the paper too!

Long time no see all these friends! Us doing nothing but standing aside and taking photos for remembrance...

Jason Tan declaring his lurve for Lei Lei. He has to read them out loud before proceed to the next game where he has to pick up key to open the locked door (with his feet, in a bucketful of ice!) hahahahah

Mission accomplished! The groom finally get to see his beautiful bride after almost an hour of games (or torture for the brothers) downstairs! lololl...

A group picture with the lovely couple and her sistas before getting ready to go to the groom's house.

Myself with Adeline & Jason at his lovely crib @ Alor Setar... Felt really really happy for them! ^^

Evening - The Banquet was held at Jit Sen school hall on the same day after the morning ceremony. This is where our Sheffield friends gathering was held as well!

The newlyweds walking to the hall hand-in-hand with Adeline singing a song to the thousand over people crowd.... Really salute her for being so courageous yo!

Lurve this picture alot! Sadly, it was a bit blur, if not it would be great!!

Both side families on stage toasting to their guests. Of course, Jason & Adeline look exceptionally happy here! Jason can smile til so wide, I guess he's already half (if not, fully) ... DRUNK! hahahaha...

Sheffield friends from all over the place in the country or overseas all came to the same place to witness their wedding.

Us with Jason's dad... Felt so happy he still remembers who I am after 3 years! hahaha...

Late evening - Post wedding celebration at one of the better clubs in town. I forgotten what is the name of the place though.

The amazing little fireworks that evening enjoy alot! These little sparkles came together with the several Moet champagne Jason ordered.

Taking more and more photos to remember this wonderful night. Adeline and SuShin looking so great as usual!

Booze, booze and more booze for the night! The drinks were miraculously topped up once it was emptied. Cannot estimate how much the groom has to spend for all of us that night! hahahaha...

Everyone getting happier and happier as the night falls. I haven't had such an enjoyable time like this one for a very very long time already!

More photos with the boys and girls... Some are okay, some slightly intoxicated, and some are completely drunk!! It was sooooo funny when I open the photo folder and browse all the pics from my camera!

These are some example of the funny ones... The guys straight grabbed the beer tower and shove it into whoever's mouth that they came across with! It was kinda gross actually... Gross for them, great for me coz I was happily capturing the moment! LOL.

Leecheah, myself, Fai kor and Fanshu May. One word for him, respect! This guy over here flew all the way from Hong Kong for the wedding...

The night finally came to an end at about 3 in the morning where most people already feeling tipsy from all the booze. All in all, it was truly a great great night for all of us to gather and get wasted to celebrate this special day for the newlyweds!

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