Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Food hunting at Melaka

One of the days when we went out for dinner or yumchar, we suddenly thought of going for a one day trip. The venue was not decided until the previous night before we depart to Melaka for an eating 'expedition

We reached there at slightly past 10 and the first stop was none other than the famous chicken rice balls shop @ Chung Wah! The queue was already quite long when we were at the end of Jonker Street. Normally I won't queue THAT long just for a meal, but this was exception. I don't know why I was willing to stand there for almost 40 minutes just to get into this shop though!
Respect this uncle, stood there and cut chicken non-stop for his customers... 

I have been to this chicken rice shop a few times before this and never really liked it anyway. I think it's quite troublesome for them to squeeze those rice into little balls. The rice is normally quite sticky, and when we are eating, we need to press the rice to make it easier for us to eat somemore. Anyway, since everyone says this is a must-go place in Melaka, well, here we are... Having our late breakfast! =) 

We took our own sweet time to walk along Jonket Street and look are other tourists and souvenirs while at the same time scouting for more yummy food to stuffed into our tummies! hahaha...

Our second stop:

Dessert time after breakfast!!! I think this is about noon already. Ordered a portion of cendol and ais kacang to be shared among 3 of us. Cannot eat too much coz need to leave space for more food later on.... ^^
Busy restaurant. These people are really lucky to conduct business at such strategic places... Raking money business!! 

Walk walk, look see, look see, shooting away with my camera, had cold drinks under the hot hot hot Melaka weather.... and then we decided to go search for the barbecued pork skewers a.k.a. satay babi which was quite famous in Melaka apparently.
We arrived at Sun May Hiong satay house!
Yumm yummmmmm! I don't really dip my food with sauce coz I like to taste the original taste of whatever I'm putting into my mouth and chew. Heard the sauce here was quite unique coz they one of the ingredients to make the sauce was pineapple! I tried in the end, but still prefer the satay without any sauce. =)
RM0.70 per skewer. We had 20 skewers for our tea break. hehehe... 

The weather was really burning in Melaka, so we decided to just get into the mall and go scout for my long awaited mille crepe at Nadeje cafe at Dataran Pahlawan. Went to the place where Nadeje was suppose to be located, but it was already closed down and relocated to another place. I was really really disappointed coz we spent quite some time walking and searching and asking people where is that damn cafe! *sigh* 

In the end, we stopped and hung out at Starbucks to cure our coffee craving for the day instead. After starbucks it was almost 5 and I suggest that it's time for us to leave the historical town and head back home. 

And the best thing happened.... While in the car, we were still not quite satisfied and finally we found another Nadeje branch from foursquare. In order to prevent another disappointment, we called and make sure the cafe is open and off we go to the mille crepe destination. Super happy ok! 

Praline Lover *luvs*
Another one, Chocolate banana flavour...
After had another round of sweet stuff at Nadeje cafe (Jaya 99, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang) we finally were very satisfied and head back to Klang. 
Since we're so nearby to Seremban, I suggested we go into the town to have the baked/ barbecued crab there! This was really a solely eating day-trip for the 3 of us... hahaha no shopping, just nom-ing away....

til then, ttfn!

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