Friday, June 8, 2012

Chinese Education Charity Concert

Long forgotten post... I was about to spring clean my laptop space and discovered that I have not posted this batch of pics yet! So, here goes.... 

I actually took half a day off from work in order to go to this function and much to my disappointment, the charity didn't start on time... It is scheduled to begin at 6.30pm BUT the actual event only started two hours after that. *sigh* wasted my half day leave here... darn! 

Anyway, this charity dinner was held in Klang Chung Hwa Independent High School and coincidentally my neighbour has donated to the fund and hence, entitled to a dinner table that evening. 

There are still empty slots at their table, so I asked whether I could join them or otherwise. hahaha... Quite thick skinned, but never mind-larh! Want to see Daniel Lee perform again. =)

To be frank, the first 2 and a half hours was reeeeaaalllyyy a bore to me! The food served was quite good coz it's catered by one of my favourite restaurants in Klang, but I just couldn't sit still in the so very hot weather that evening! So, mood also got ruined by the warm environment here. 
Indeed, several hours of waiting was made worthwhile when Daniel Lee came out to perform two songs... and then he went back in...  

I quickly dash to the front of the stage right after I heard the opening of his songs as I was not aware what was actually happening before he was on stage! hahaha..... 
Keep on shooting away, but most of my pictures turn out to be horrible! They are either over-exposed or too blur because of my shaky hands. T_T

Anyway, I cannot complain any further coz after seeing this little guy perform, my mood was back to normal again... hahahaha. Daniel went backstage and several other performers came out to sing a series of songs which I totally couldn't recall. 

Then, he came back out again with this lady (her name is Winnie K.)

Daniel with Winnie K. Don't understand why soooo many artists like to silent their last name and replaced with a the first letter only. Is it cool? Well, I certainly don't think so. lol....

It is only about 10pm after the duo perform and my neighbour also felt very bored and suggested we make a move and head back home to rest instead. I, of course was delighted and the evening ended with me feeling so sticky and sweaty after the dinner. 

All in all, the night was still fun though! It's my very first time going out to dine with them! hahahaha... 

til then, ttfn!

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