Monday, April 16, 2012

Cars collection

Just a short one today...

Let me introduce my youngest nephew to you... He adores/ loves/ is a super duper HUGE fan of all moving automobiles on the road (minus locally made ones).. and he's only 5.

This is little Weiwei (his name is ShiWei) sorting out his toy cars into two parts, namely the one he still want to keep, and another part is to give away... Those that were chucked into this bag are unwanted ones already i.e. the ones with tyre, door defects, etc.

I came up with this stupid idea of arranging all his toy cars for shooting during the weekend and not even half way through, I gave up already! I can assure that his vast collection of cars is way more expensive than my Leehom collection over the past decade lor... hahahaha...

After arranging these cars (which I am positive are not even half of his collection), I decided that it's time to drop the silly idea and take a few shots of him and subsequently shutting down my idea indefinitely.

We'll see a year or two from now, where would all these cars be, eh?

til then, ttfn! ^^

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