Thursday, March 1, 2012

Two days to go!

It's 1st day of March and also officially the days are getting nearer to the concert that I have been waiting for since last quarter of 2011!

Two days to Music-Man 2012 concert yo! As I am typing this, I'm actually listening to Leehom singing 落叶归根Luo Ye Gui Gen from Youtube on another tab of my browser. Lining up next will also be Luo Ye Gui Gen, but it's taken in 2009 where he held his concert in a much better stadium a.k.a Bukit Jalil. hehehe... If you're free and feel like watching more videos of Leehom's concert taken live from fans, can click HERE to view some videos that I have taken previously (Music-man KL 2009, Leehom MyAstro Award 2010 & Music-man II Taipei 2011)

On another note, Galaxy Entertainment has posted two pictures of the stage and I am soooo not satisfied with it!

Any problem?

Well, the first row seats already so freaking far from the stage!!! How laaa.... and my seats are in row 11!!! Ok, it's actually row one for RM498 category, BUT in front of us still have TEN more VIP rows of seats! Instead of getting excited seeing the stage picture like the rest of the people who commented on this photo, I was so angry the second I saw this... *sigh*

Now I'm contemplating whether to bring in my camera to the arena or not. Previously I did bring in my camera to ALL the concerts that I have attended (except those cheaper tickets I got i.e. Jam Hsiao & Avril Lavigne) This time, I'm not so sure anymore...

Never mind, let's hope for the best on Saturday. More updates soon...

til then, ttfn! ^^

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