Monday, March 5, 2012

Music-man crew & signed tickets

A short entry today as I'm not well since Music-man 2 concert in KL two days ago. The whole set (fever, flu, cough, sore throat) came and visit me at the moment. T.T

Got the chance to go up close with some of the concert crew after the concert when we went to Hilton to see Leehom for his post-concert celebration.

With one of the female dancer Cecilia Lo a.k.a. 捣蛋老師

Male dancer 邱孝尊 a.k.a DaZun

The handsome drummer Brendan Buckley! This is the 3rd picture of me taken together with him already... *happie* ^^

and also a super handsome Leehom!

only without me in the picture... hhmm...

He came out briefly to greet those who are waiting outside the post-concert venue. While signing most of our tickets, I snapped a pic for remembrance! hehehe

Ta-da. Our signed tickets... 3 are in perfection condition coz we kept the tickets in an envelope. Only Juin's one was really like a crumpled 'sayur masin' paper. It's all because of the rain!! Will blog about the concert tomorrow.

til then, ttfn!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hoon!*waves*

Darn! Had to miss the concert cos had to work. Aiyoh, miss one of my fave song "Ai Ing Wei Zhai Xing Zhong' and the acapella. Waiting for your review but sorry to hear that you ain't well after the concert. Seems to be a much better concert than the 2009 one and I had to miss it... :P