Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Leehom Malaysia "Open Fire 火力全開" concert

The day has finally arrive for a much anticipated concert for Homaniacs! Weather forecast wasn't showing a good sign the previous week up to the concert day itself. We were frankly, quite worried about that actually.

KL area started to have downpour at about 3 to 4-ish in the evening and the rain finally stopped briefly before the start of the concert. Unfortunately, the good sign was interrupted about half an hour or so when the stupid rain continue to pour until the end of the night. *sigh*

Never mind, that didn't really matter as Music-man is here in town and we're all super excited about it! hahaha..

This is the 3rd show that I've watched for Music-man 2 tour and I've pretty much remembered which songs that he's about to perform during the concert. ^^ I wasn't really happy with our seating and curse myself for not buying the most expensive ticket for the show though.

Bad seating aside, this is the maximum zoom from my camera and I can only accept it by not condemning more on it. Look at the 'war' tank! I was really amazed at how all these expensive huge gadgets and instruments being shipped over from one country to another just for a show!

Leehom opened the show with the much anticipated Huo Li Quan Kai 火力全開!!

Performing The 18 Martial Arts together with the orchestra which opens up the huge LED screen at the stage.

After a few songs, the weather starter to turn and here comes the rain again. *sigh* The audience started to wear raincoat that was being distributed by the event organiser. I kept my camera aside and only took out the camera under my raincoat from time to time if I feel like capturing any 'moments' from the concert.

Ahh... This is the moment that I was waiting for! In Taipei, this unique looking piano was hung mid-air while he sang a series of his popular love songs. In KL, it's an open air stadium, so no mid air. BUT he came round at the VIP and OUR seating areas while performing songs like 你不知道的事 All Things You Never Knew, and Ai Cuo 愛錯.

Haha.. this is me when Leehom 'flew' over... Can only take picture from my lousy lowpixel phone as the security guards forbid me from taking picture using my DSLR. Damn the fella!

Note: Have you ever seen a Rela guy (security guard in picture) with a shit-head? Yeah, that's the idiot that blocked me from taking pic of Leehom. Ggrrr...

He weren't as daring in speaking out before performing Love Love Love this time. Just a brief who needs love? ya-da ya-da... Can't really remember what he said the rest, so I replaced with a ya-da ya-da... ^^

The crowd were not as loud as the previous concert we went in Taiwan maybe partly it's because of the open air stadium. Nonetheless, we still cheer as loudly as we can. I skipped taking pictures for his fast-beat songs coz I know it will be a waste of energy if I continue shooting in this lousy weather plus my super far seat.

Multi-talented Leehom as usual, will play a string of music instruments during a concert and this was no exception! First it was the piano, then violin, and now erhu!

He shines and glow even if it's raining! hahahaha...

This was no drizzle, the downpour is getting heavier and so is my head! =(

Like an emperor... hehe..

I think this robe is really cool! Finally a clearer picture of it when he turns his back to the audience... ^^

A collage of the animation from the big screen during 夢想被冷凍 Frozen Dreams.

Super luv this pic and I think so do my other friends.... Perfect timing capturing this moment but too bad it's a bit blur as I have to maximise my camera zoom...

改變自己 Change Me

Acapella time!

Same with previous concert in Taipei. He started off with 爱的就是你 (Ai De Jiu Shi Ni), 我們的歌 Our Song, 不可能錯過你 Impossible to Miss You, 公轉自轉 Revolution , 你是我心内的一首歌 You Are a Song in My Heart, 第一個清晨 The First Morning and Can You Feel My World

Due to the rain and the coat is wet, he tried and tried and tried wearing this coat but threw it aside in the end!

It was so funny as he really DID try wearing it for quite some time.

After the medley, Leehom went back in and a clip on World Vision was played when he went to Laos. The clip was really touching although it's not the first time we watch it.

This will be the highlight of the night for the audience at the back of the stadium. He rounds the whole stadium in a 'buggy' (I don't know what the thing is called, sorry) and let everyone had a good glimpse of him up-close!

Right after Forever Love, he invited a group of local primary school children to be on stage with him to perform Ai, Yin Wei Zai Xin Zhong. A song whereby his China fans has composed for him. =)

All good times will eventually come to an end when he went back in after singing 心中的日月 Shangri-la.

and then came back out for the Encore session....^^

Frankly, I wasn't very happy with this concert as the security is once again freaking strict. We couldn't even stand up for even one minute to enjoy the music with him!! How can that be when the few last songs are quite up-beat?!

Once my friends and I stood, we'll be forced to sit on our seat back again. It's really DUMB... We freaking PAID for this concert and yet we cannot fully enjoy it. I think I have said it once, this will be the second time (or more) I'm saying it again... Let us have fun coz we're paying so much for a gig!!!

Galaxy Entertainment, please take note of this!! It's really foolish of you to NOT let us enjoy... Yes, you are responsible for the security and what-nots as a whole, BUT we are good to take care of our own safety for goodness' sake!

Shit, I've let the event organiser ruined my mood when blogging about this once again. Will just conclude the entry with a pic of us then. hahahahha...

Us before the concert...

til then, ttfn!


zelina@tanming.com.my said...

Strangely security was very relaxed in front! I even saw Galaxies boss telling his staff to chill with the torches:) They even allowed fans to rush to the front and didn't shoo any of them away!!, I was shocked;)

sunset2712 said...

Wow that was great! Boss said so, of course they have to oblige. No wonder some fans said it's the best concert to date. I highly doubt so! Hahahaha

Our side was soooo far from him and yet they're so strict. A bunch of idiotss, really.