Friday, February 10, 2012

Lunch at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

Tried another Japanese restaurant and absolutely luv it! This time it was Yuzu Japanese Restaurant which is located in The Gardens MidValley.

We went there during lunch and the place was packed so the waitress let us dine in one of the private room where it's cater for more people to dine in. I was delighted coz that means we can take photos with our own comfort and I can also charge my decreasing battery phone! muahahahah...

The waitress was very attentive and recommended most of the chef specialty to us. She initially recommended one sashimi platter which I'm not sure of what are the raw stuff are, so I opted that out and go for the normal salmon belly and roe only.

Salmon belly, salmon and salmon roe. RM65.00

These are gooooood! ^^

No Japanese meal is complete without a cup of chawanmushi for me!! Each of us ordered a cup also.

The classic california temaki.

Kani salad. RM20.00

I was looking at the menu and couldn't find any crabmeat salad and the waitress said it's one of chef specialty. She added that the chef don't normally let his employees learn his 'secret recipe' so it's off the menu.

Ebi tempura. One portion of this is never enough for prawn lover! and... we have two prawn lovers in the family, so we ordered two of this... muahahaha... super good!

Deep fried soft shell crab, x2 again please.

This is what the waitress recommended to us also. Fusion sushi platter or something.

This platter have a lil bit of everything! From salmon sushi, to mango flavoured ones! A must order if we pay another visit there! heheh...

Assorted seafood on hot stone. The juice from the fresh seafood + its gravy add together was heavenly. We cannot tahan so ordered a few portion of rice to go together with these.... slurp slurp...

Got prawns, claims, octopus, squid, salmon and mackerel...

Grilled mackerel. This fish is so huge! I didn't expect it to come in this big portion though. I was enjoying the time ordering more and more food coz my sis told me the portion served here is quite small. But she was so wrong with this one! hahaha..

We were all practically stuffed to out throat by the end of the meal and thank goodness the last two orders can be cancelled. Good customer service + good food = Customers will come back for more! As for the pricing factor, I would say it's above average price compared to the prices from Zanmai or Sakae or other chain Jap restaurants.

Before I conclude this entry, here's us before digging in!

til then, ttfn! ^^

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