Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year 2012!

Happy Leap year everyone!

29th Feb, only happens once every four years.... Just like the Olympics.

Today, I went to work as usual. Then at about 10-ish, Mr CEO sent out an email to our Malaysia offices telling us about 29th Feb and how we should treat this a special day. Do things that we wouldn't normally do on normal occasions, and even it it goes wrong, we will only remember it like 4 years once. hahaha... Really glad to have such a sporting boss in the company.

Few minutes past, he send another email out asking our FC a.k.a my manager to treat the whole company for lunch! We were delighted of course! ... and she did actually agreed and treat more than 100 of us to a KFC and Pizza lunch. Only while we were eating, we only knew the big boss was the one that bought us all lunch... It's just a simple gesture received from each of us, but I still think I'm very grateful to be working in this company.

Apart from the peanut salary that I've got, I am happy here. Seniors are willing to teach, peers are helpful and most importantly, my FC is not some maniac or crazy fella that some companies tend to have. =)

Anyway, just a quick update for today coz I realised I'm starting to accumulate lots of dust in my blog. Need to update every now and then... hehehe... Can't wait for this coming weekend where my idol Leehom Wang a.k.a Music Man will be in town for his Music-Man II concert in Stadium Merdeka!! YAyyyy... although this stadium sucks to the max, but I am still excited and am very much looking forward to see him perform again!

til then, ttfn! ^^

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