Friday, February 3, 2012

CNY 'Yee Sang' 2012

If you are a Chinese living in Malaysia and didn't have any tossing of Yee Sang a.k.a 鱼生 or 捞生 or 捞起 during the Lunar new year, then you're missing out quite a bit of fun already! hahaha...

Throughout the 15 days during our Chinese new year, I had a few sessions of this prosperity toss.

First one:

At Imperial Restaurant, Taman Desawan with my MGS-ians dearies!

I always appreciate a get-together time with them yearly coz most of us are busy with our lives either working overseas or local. The only time where all of us are in Klang will be during CNY. So, there... our first Yee Sang session in the year of the dragon! ^^

Second session:

At Grand Garden, Bukit Tinggi with my family on my mum's birthday.

Huat (發) ar!! The Hokkiens luv to say this during CNY or throughout the year if one please.

Third session:

At KC's house which is located in Seri Kembangan.

We 'tapao-ed' two portions of Yee Sang to be tossed at KC's place when he generously offered his house for a get-together among fellow Marsh colleagues...

Fourth & also the last one during the auspicious Dragon year:

At Marsh office in Bangsar for our CNY lunch. The 3 major races in the company (Chinese, Indian & Malay) will treat the rest of the colleagues for a lunch-do during each festive new year respectively.

I am not sure how many portions of Yee Sang that the management have ordered, but this one is from the table where I was tossing. "Promotion, Increment, huat ar!!!" hahaha...

I really enjoy these little sessions of 'Yee Sang' as I find it rather fun!!

Til the nesxt Chinese new year, ttfn!! ^^

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