Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Music-man II Malaysia Concert Promo

Leehom was in town for a duration of less than 20 hours yesterday to help boost his upcoming Music-man II concert sales. There is only one event scheduled during his short duration in KL and it was held in Kenanga Wholesale City.

We went to the airport for his arrival and I think he was in a good mood and we got ours albums and other stuff signed! hahaha... The last time I went personally to get his autograph was in 2009 after his Music-man concert. hehe..

About 10pm Sunday, arrived at KLIA

10am - Kenanga Wholesale City Level 15, where the promo and public press conference was held.

About 11.30, Leehom made an appearance.

Reporters asked questions, followed by a few fans... Photo taking session with the sponsors.

My friend, KC made a 'Dragon treble clef shaped cake' for him and presented to him on stage together with Joanne, the club president.

Homemade cake by Kyrina. Pui Foong helped wrap the fondant and I made the wordings out. =) Looks simple? We spent the whole night to complete it! [Picture credit to Thymeloo & Chewies Delight]

It was all worth it when he took a piece and ate it! ^^

Om nom nom nom....

A table full with lil gift a.k.a 'ang pao' packets was brought to the stage where Leehom will be distributing to all the fans that came to the event

Gulped down some h20 before that...

Collecting one stack before distributing them to the audience.

He looks at everyone with manners while giving out the 'ang pows'

My turn on stage! He said to me to "新年快乐 Xin Nian Kuai Le" and then I replied him back with a "Happy New Year." ^^ [Picture credit to Xpax facebook page]
After we got our lil gift, Juin wanted to go send him off. Hence, off we go to the airport. He was again, in a relaxed mood, maybe partly it's because he doesn't need to perform do a signing session for all the fans in the morning...


More autographs in the airport!! hahaha... We did not bring any other CDs or books for him to sign except PuiFoong and a few more fans. [Pictures taken from Kyrina's phone]

He waved to us goodbye thus his short trip to Malaysia this time officially ended. All of us left the airport happy but hungry (no food intake since the previous night's supper)

One last pic of my signed 'Heroes of Tokyo' book and 火力全开 album before I conclude this entry.


p/s: All photos taken by yours truly unless otherwise stated. Kindly credit myself if you wish to post them else where. =)

til then, ttfn!


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