Thursday, January 19, 2012

ArrowRoot Chips

Arrowroot chips have become my favourite chips to be eaten during CNY after I've tried them for the first time last year. They taste like potato chip but only more delicious and sweeter. and This year I've ordered several containers from one of my colleagues without knowing that my mum has bought one whole lot to be made at home too! So I helped her turn these fruits (is it a fruit or veg or nut?) to chips! hahahaha...

The steps in making these super awesome chips are quite simple... We just need to peel the skin off from the fruit, clean, drain and slice them. ^^

Frankly. the slicing part is a quite tedious task. I can't seem to get it right, so my mum does them.

Next, heat oil in a wok and put in those sliced arrowroot into the heated oil and deep fry them under small fire.

Take the arrowroot all out from the wok when they start turning into golden brown. Do not wait until they are golden brown in colour IN the wok because by the time we took it out, it'll become slightly burnt/ over-cooked.

While waiting for the arrowroot to cool down, sprinkle some sea salt onto them. I reserved two containers of these awesome chips without any salt as I prefer unsalted ones. ^^

Ta-da. Place them into a container after they've cooled down, seal it and it's good to go!

til then, ttfn.

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