Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mayday 五月天 - OAOA

I've been listening to this song for 48 hours straight and I still can't get enough of it yet! OA OA ~~ Oh, am going to finally watch 3DNA this coming weekend... For the time being, just settle with their theme song from the movie first... Enjoyyy... ^^

Lyricist: Ah Xin 阿信
Composer: Ah Xin 阿信
Producer: Mayday

我相信 苦澀的 眼淚
Wo xiang xin ku se de yan lei
我不信 甜美的 誓言
Wo bu xin tian mei de shi yan
我相信 音樂就該 音樂
Wo xiang xin yin yue jiu gai yin yue

我相信 愛情的 純粹
Wo xiang xin ai qing de chun chui
我不信 華麗的 詩篇
Wo bu xin hua li de shi pian
我相信 熱烈的 爭辯
Wo xiang xin re lie de zheng bian
我不信 無聲的 和諧
Wo bu xin wu sheng de he xie

我相信 秒秒的 瞬間
Wo xiang xin miao miao de shun jian
我不信 年年的 永遠
Wo bu xin nian nian de yong yuan
我相信 搖滾就能萬歲
Wo xiang xin yao gun jiu neng wan shui

快張開你的嘴 OA OA
Kuai zhang ka ni de zui OA OA
再不管你是誰 OA OA
Zai bu guan ni shi shui OA OA
Ren sheng dou tai duan zhan
別想 別怕 別後退
Bie xiang bie pa bie hou tui
現 在 就 是 永 遠
Xian zai jiu shi yong yuan

出生的那一年 OA OA
Chu sheng de na yi nian OA OA
轉眼就這一天 OA OA
Zhuan yan jiu zhe yi tian OA OA
Ren sheng dou tai duan zan
去瘋 去愛 去浪費
Qu feng qu ai qu lang fei
和我 再唱 OA OA OA
He wo zai chang OA OA OA

Repeat from the beginning



Monday, September 26, 2011

Lunch at Johnny Barr's

Johnny Barr's is a place that offers healthy and tasty gourmet sandwiches at a reasonable price in Queenstown.

Pin has read quite a few reviews from forums and websites stating that this is a 'must-go' place to either dine-in or take-out for visitors to this town.

Opening hours for Johnny Barr's can be seen from the pics above. I don't need to repeat and type them all out. Oh, and it's very obvious that the theme for this place is none other than... moustache! We didn't order much during our first visit to this place coz all of us have had quite a heavy breakfast few hours before.

Here's what we ordered to share...

One whole potato for my sis's husband...

Johnny Barrs' house specialty - BBQ Pulled Pork! It's a combination of shredded braised pork with spicy barbecue sauce topped with cheddar cheese and coleslaw.

Can't resist The Caesar when I saw it on the menu board. So, one portion of Chicken caesar salad for us too. The salad was great, especially the crunchy croutons and bacons... yummss.. ^^

Highly recommended from me. It's Jimmy the Greek - a wrap of roast lamb topped with tabouli, cucumber, tomatoes, and other vegies...

By the end of the meal, we were all so full. Don't be fooled by the pictures above, there's are generally very big portion! The meal was satisfying and we left the place with a tummy-filled stomach and also a jolly happy mood... =)

One last pic of myself before I conclude this entry...

Me with one big white moustache.

til then, ttfn!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Queenstown's BelowZero Ice Bar

There are two 'Ice Bars' located in Queenstown alone and we decided to give BelowZero a go as it is a fairly new bar in town. I was set to go to this Ice Bar place the second I saw the pamphlet at our accommodation.

Why am I so eager? The answer is simple because everything from the walls, to the sculptures and even the glasses they serve their cocktails and mocktails are created from ice! How cool is that huh! ^^

Oh, and this place only serves vodka cocktails and nothing else. *me likeyyy*

We were 'given' with a pair of gloves and warm jacket each before entering to the minus 5 degrees bar. Upon entering to the room, I immediately start shooting away with my camera! hahahaa...

Polar bear with two bottles of... Absolut Vodka!

Myself & second sis sitting in the ice sculpture gondola...

All of us.... Andrew, Qianqian, myself, Fun & Pin...

hehe... a pic with this young bartender before he make drinks for all of us...

My glass of Green Eskimo - a mixture of Absolut, Midori, Malibu, topped with pineapple juice. The bartender said it's the strongest after I've placed my order, but I can't feel it... Which part of it is strong? Where? hahahaha...

.. and 4 glasses of mocktails for the others.. Arctic Sunset, Silly Seal, The Icicle & The Husky...

Us with our ice cold glass and drinks in it...

Us at the bar...

Glasses made from ice..

With cheerful looking vodka cocktails!

Before I conclude, here's one more collage of me and some ice sculptures in the ice bar...

Ice cool bar experience... once again, priceless!

til then, ttfn!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jet Boat @ Shotover & Kawarau Rivers

Another outdoor activity which Queenstown has to offer is none other than this high-speed Shotover Jet! Myself, nephew and sis booked the 10am session for an hour of this ride.

Kawarau Jet departs from this Main Town Pier of Queenstown bay at every hour.

Thank goodness for a good weather that morning. Clear blue sky, with excellent weather waiting for us ahead!

Three blur fellas woke up early in the morning for some adventures! Can't wait! ^^

As we were told about this river, I was kinda amazed when the guide told us that the river is actually very shallow and the jets are designed specially for exploring the shallow river. The jet boat driver told us that it could race at speeds like 80km per hour in the river water of less than 5cm! That is quite impressive, eh? ^^

Group pic before our one-hour water adventure.

Stunning views of the Remarkables as we speed in the shallow rivers of Shotover & Kawarau...

We go very near to some rocks and under-the-bridge walls and could feel the adrenaline pumping when the driver almost knock at those rocks! That was of course done in purpose, and we are still being driven in safe hands. hahahaha...

The driver will occasionally 'do' the 360 degrees spin which I thought was simply awesome! He will make a hand gesture signalling he'll do the spin and here we go....

Spin and splash! Normally I'll hide my camera under my jacket to prevent it from getting wet, but for the last spin, I just couldn't bother less and just shoot away aimlessly.

After-spin effect! hahaha...

Hello! This is me (with a very very messy hair) and made my sis took this pic with her bare hands out in the freezing cold wind.

Returning to the pier now...

With a stunning backdrop as we go about in the jet, the experience is yet again, priceless!

til then, ttfn!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kawarau Bridge Bungy

One of the few adventures I've had in Queenstown a.k.a the Adventure Capital of the World was doing the first commercial bungy jump at Kawarau Bridge! A lot of travel book says it's an essential component of every New Zealand visitor's itinerary.

I was still contemplating whether to jump or not the day before coz it would be me going alone. In the end, I booked a session despite the fact that I was going to be alone. Better try it out than regretting it later, right? ^^

Here are some pics to bore you... hahahaha...

The site entrance, located about 15 minutes from Queenstown.

Myself with the 'Welcome' sign!

Booked for the 4pm session. For NZ$ 180.00 per jump, this is not a very economical jump, eh? Hhhmm, I get to keep a Jumper T-shirt and a certificate after that though...

Shuffling slowly towards the edge, getting ready to dive in a sec!


... and off I go... with my nephew looking at the spectators' viewing deck.

from another angle... 43m (about 142ft) above the stunning Kawarau River, this bungy jump is the most popular one in NZ, AND I like this pic alot! lol

and this is where I lost one side of my shoe...

I wasn't aware of it until I reached the bottom when they told me that I've lost my shoe... hahahah

On the river... my NZ$ 180.00 gone within seconds! BUT I'm happy I've got this priceless experience.

This is the bitter part. After jumping, I need to climb back up, and without my shoe! It was raining and my socks were wet... T_T

Almost reaching to the spectators' deck...

and of course, stopped by to take a picture of this sign Congratulating the jumpers... ^^

Back in the souvenir shop, my sister and nephew each holding a 'I was too chicken' T-shirt. They bought one each. hahahaha...

The proof:

My certificate!

It was truly an amazing experience. Will do it again, somewhere.. someday....

til then, ttfn!