Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pictures from Leehom Taipei "Open Fire 火力全開" concert

25th and 26th November 2011 marked the date where I stepped foot into Taipei Arena for two consecutive nights to watch Leehom live in concert at his so-called 'home country.' The experience and also his performances are way much better than in our country [Malaysia]. I truly enjoyed his first show [the first night] as it was a fairly new concert tour and on the second show, I took some pictures of his performance just to reminisce the good moments in the future. =)

Below are some pics that I liked best.

Taipei Arena from the opposite road.

Was taken aback by the amazing stage and forgotten to capture any pics of those special 'opening act' moments.

Not so clear, but this is one of the very few pics that have the dancers in sight. haha...

Singing 'The One and Only"... All time favourite ballad...

Went back stage to change and surprises the audience when this piano appear

Hanging in mid-air. Leehom singing 'All Thing You Never Knew 你不知道的事'

'Flying' above our head... One weird looking piano. Resemblance of a Shark mouth, eh?

One of my favourite picture of the night. I just seem to lurve this to bits... ^^


Bringing the crowd to scream in excitement. Hot & sexy Leehom dancing with Rino Nakasone

Another one...

Talented 王力宏 with his violin...

Multi-talented Leehom with his Er-Hu. Super lurve...

Zoomed in...

Chinked-out time.

THIS costume is SO cool! Agree?

Leehom with Bahamut the customised electric guitar all the way from Ireland

A Capella time!

Medley: A series of songs which I think have been prerecorded.

Went backstage again to change and appear and 'flying' once again..

The fans seated far far from the stage gets lucky when he flew and stopped right in front of them.

Singing 手牽手 Hand in Hand with DunHua elementary school children and also two of Leehom's special guests; his nephew & niece from the States.

They're so brave! A lil shy but still have the courage to perform with their Uncle Leehom on stage, in front of thousands of audience~

The kids went back in after Shou Qian Shou and he's solo on stage again.

zoom closer and closer.... luv this pic!

Confetti from the ceiling means that the concert is coming to an end soon...

Encore encore! and he came back out.... this super bling-ed and baggy outfit. hhmmm...

and finally the concert came to an end but fans were still not satisfied. We waited and chant for him to come back on stage and finally he re-appear for the 2nd encore session and sang 3 more songs [4 during the second night] and the show is officially over. hehehe...

One last picture of us that flew from KL to Taipei for Music-Man 2 new concert tour!

Now, it's time to countdown for his Malaysia concert which will be happening in March 2012 at Stadium Merdeka!

til then, ttfn! ^^

All pics credit to me if you intend to use/ post them elsewhere... Thank you very much. =)


K.C...(^o^)... said...

Is cool!!!

K.C...(^o^)... said...

Leehom will open a concert on March 2012 in Malaysia . It's start to booking on the website since yesterday.

sher li said...

may i noe....ur pics above are taken on nov 25th night or 26th night ???

sunset2712 said...

Hi Sher Li, these take taken mostly on 26th Nov, except the one where he lifted up his shirt, 25th. =)