Saturday, October 15, 2011

Westlife "Gravity" Tour Concert

Date: 7th October 2011
Time: About 9.00 to 10.45pm
Venue: Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium, Malaysia

THE day has finally arrived! I was so ecstatic when I first heard news that Westlife will be coming to Malaysia for concert after a decade of no visits to this country.

Myself and another colleague of mine, Janice left earlier from office coz we were afraid the road from Bangsar to Bukit Jalil will be jammed up. Then, we ended up reaching there about 3 hours earlier before the concert actually starts. XD

I have booked our tickets through phone booking so we have to collect our tickets at the ticketing counter first. Row 3 from the stage!! This was the best seat I've had compared to all concerts I've been in Malaysia... ^^ (I've sat at Row 1 for Mayday's concert but that's another different story coz it was held in America, so it's not counted) hahaha...

Since we have ample of time in our hands, we kill it by going for a round of meal, and some picture snapping session, i.e. the one above. Then it started to drizzle all of a sudden and we quickly went over to the door where we were suppose to enter to the concert.

One really good gestures from the organiser this time around was the pre-show cocktail session! I have never been to any concerts with a pre-show cocktail/ snacks before so it's really a good experience for me this time.

The entrance for the cocktail session.

My pass...

Both Janice and I really enjoyed the session and had quite a lot of snacks and finger food although we'd just had our early dinner about an hour before or so. hahaha... I, on the other hand, was really happy they have a few more varieties of drinks to choose from. I didn't drink alot la, just glass of red and white wine and another mug of beer only. All were complimentary!

At about 8-ish, we were quite excited as the concert was about to start and we then went into the arena and waited patiently for the concert! ^^

The crowd. When I took this pic, not all seats were fully occupied yet.

Wait.. wait.. wait

Then at about 9pm, the lads finally appear and perform their first songs which was 'When You're Looking Like That.' Frankly, I was quite disappointed they didn't have an opening/ intro session like all their concerts I've been in the UK.

Westlife - Nicky (my favourite), Mark, Shane and Kian

The lads changed 4 times and have a total of 5 sets of clothing throughout the less than 2-hour duration concert.



Nicky again!



Oh, you see this couple? They were called on stage and the man proposed to his girlfriend right in front of the whole crowd of the arena! This was pre-arranged with the organiser and I don't know how he managed to arrange it. The guy must be some big shot, or knew some big shot in the company I reckon. Anyway, the proposal was lovely though.

My favourite set of clothing for the night! When they were doing the Medley thingy! Particularly lurve it when they perform 'Only Girl in The World'. The crowd went crazy and all were practically dancing and jumping including myself and Janice!. (p/s: Janice's feet was injured weeks ago and she still dance!) The power of Westlife! hahaha

Nicky *luv*

More pics of them...

I took hundreds of pics of Nicky in this!! But here's only one coz I think it'll bore you if I posted too many similar pics of him here. :p

Mark has really gained alot of weight... lol

Here's one collage of Shane...

..and also not forgetting the handsome Nicky!

Cheeky Shane. He was talking to the audience about wherever they went, people would wave at them happily and say WESTLIFEEEEEE!!

... and also taking pics of WESTLIFEEEE as well! I was really hilarious as it's the fact. I would too, take the chance to capture more of their pictures for memories sake if I saw them on the street or something!

This was towards the end of the concert already! Great time always pass so freaking fast!!! *sobs*

The encore session.

Upbeat tune: Uptown Girl!!

Sing and sway... and a lil bit of dance in between. LOL

Til we meet again next time.

These are the songs they've performed live in Kuala Lumpur for their Gravity Asia Tour 2011... A fairly short concert, but it was awesome nonetheless!

- When You're Looking Like That
-World of Our Own
- What Makes A Man (My favourite!! Recorded the whole song muahahah)
- Safe
- Home
- My Love (after the man's proposal on stage)
- Beautiful Tonight
- Viva La Vida
- Only Girl in the World
- The Time (Dirty Bit)
- Bad Romance
- Seasons in the Sun
- You Raise Me Up
- I'm Already There
- I Will Reach You
- Flying Without Wings
- What About Now
- Uptown Girl

til then, ttfn!

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