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Marsh Team Building 2011 - Langkawi

My first time in participating in a team building and I totally lurve it! 3D2N for Marsh's team building...

Note: Lots of pictures ahead. As the saying goes, "Picture speak a thousand words".... I'll just keep my writing minimal and load more pictures in! ^^

Day One

The first picture I have taken in Langkawi, view from the plane.

We were being transferred from the airport, to the hotel~ Hotel Villa @ Langkawi

All of us were practically starving by then, and first thing first, room keys being distributed and then... Lunch for all! *thanks goodness for that*

There are quite a wide variety for us to choose from the buffet spread but taste wise, it was alright. Food weren't great even though our stomachs were growling. hhmmm...

Me & roomie. We have about an hour before the first activity begin...

3pm - A warm-up session with every teams... This is team 2 with 7 of us.

Blindfolded and was told to grab as many items on the stage by listening to 'instructions' by my team members. I grabbed a few scissors, a blade and few pens but without any masking tape! But fortunately the organiser gave every team an extra roll of masking tape thereafter. ^^

We are suppose to build a 'Flintstones' car out of the 8 card boxes that was given to each team.

Ta-da! Team 2's 'Faster, Greater & Safer' cardbox car. LOLLL...

After completing, out we go to the great outdoor for some friendly competition among other colleagues!

Round 1: Team 1 to 5 getting ready to race in their so-called respective automobiles.

Ignite! Round 2 - Team 6 to 10's turn. Then there was round 3 - where 2 winners from round 1 & 2 came up and 'race' once more.

Team 2 won hands-down. muahahahaha....

Had an hour or so to freshen up.

Some of my colleagues from Penang and KL office... and we're ready for our first Marsh dinner at one of the local restaurants nearby.

Dinner at The taste of Heritage ~ Kantan Restaurant. I must say, the Malay buffet served was pretty good!

After dinner, the event organiser took us for some Duty-Free shopping at Kuah town where we can buy all the duty-free stuffs! I bought some alcohol, and chocolates... =)

.. and also follow by a small gathering in our boss' room after all the shopping session.

Day Two

We received a morning call at 6.45 to wake every one up! Proceed to one of the ballrooms after breakfast to officially kick start Marsh' Team Building 2011! I was really excited as I don't know what to expect next! hahaha...

A good ole massage from our colleagues!

Lepak-lepak for a while....

Group picture of Team 2 before the start of our Ignite 360 degrees Langkawi expedition! Team spirit Go-go-go!!

We are supposed to complete several tasks in the vehicle by 3pm and the event starts at half past 9. We plan our journey on which tasks to be done first and continued with the next one. Cool....

For us, we chose Go-kart to be done first as the rest of the teams are all clogged up at the Paddy field. Testing our photographic memory and also mathematical quiz to be done later! I was kinda disappointed I did not manage to get two colours/ numbers on the first lap, and we have to go into the circuit for a second time.

Oriental Village for the next two tasks.

Activities that we have to do including doing a really cute 'elephant' dance before feeding the actual 33-year old elephant....

and design a 'tiger inspired' theme t-shirt to be sold off upon completing the design of it.

Oh before we can begin designing the t-shirt, there's a task where one of us need to dive our hands in an aquarium that was filled with snakes and get a key out to open the 'treasure' box... of which contain a box of crayon and other artsy crafts ingredients for the tee!

Yay! The tee looks good, isnt't it?

Next task.

Going into a paddy field (Yes, you saw it right. The actual muddy paddy field with leeches and stuff) to actually do the traditional paddy planting activities! We have to pluck, transfer and plant the paddy from field one to another field.

Then off we go to the hotel to complete the final tasks where we have to be good in balancing...

Then we proceed to the point where we started and our team building activities were completed! One final cheer for team 2! ^^

Next... our own leisure activities...

We went to the beach and H.Chen suggested we go for para sailing (or para gliding). I was the first to agree on the idea and we then asked for more people to join in order to get more discounts in pricing for each of us. haahhaa... 30% off the original prices wasn't that bad, huh? =)

12 of us went for the para sailing thingy in the end.

A group pic after our parasailing activity! One hour left before leave the hotel for dinner...

While waiting for the others to gather and off we go in two coaches for dinner!

The company of all were great... Seen many colleagues' cheerful and jolly characters where we would not normally see in the office... hahaha...

As for our seafood dinner. It sucks! It's my first time not able to enjoy a seafood dinner! Prawns, fish, crabs are all craps... What was OK was the fruit platter that was presented to us last I guess... hhmm... disappointing meal.

After dinner... The event organiser announced that all of us are winners and there are no specific winner in this Ignite 360. Each of us was given a bar of Toblerone as a token of appreciation.

Hahaha... We are not satisfied from the horrendous meal, and ended up sitting at Artisan's Pizza for supper after that.

This simple pizza meal was really satisfying for our pity stomachs... lol...

We looked happier after the supper, don't we?

This will be the last night of our 3d2n trip to Langkawi and the night is still young when were back to the hotel. So, we went for another round of gathering (and some drinking) at the lounging area by the pool.

Marsh-ians having a great time chilling and relaxing before we're back to work two days after. ^^

Day Three

Some of us are scheduled to be on the afternoon flight, and the rest evening. Mine was in the afternoon and I was so grateful it was, as I can rest at home for half a day before getting back to work the following morning. hehehe... Cheerios to Marsh and the committee in organising such fantastic event and I'm sure to treasure these memories in my 'memory chest' for long.

Here's a group pic (only our feet) of us before boarding the coach to the airport back to KL.

til then, ttfn! ^^

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