Saturday, September 3, 2011

'Raya' Indulgence

Well, this post has nothing to do with the actual Hari Raya or their traditional food. It's just that I ran out of 'subject' to put, so..... ^^

Had 5 days break in conjunction of Malaysia National Day & also the Muslim's Hari Raya. So, we quickly grabbed the chance to eat-out with family and friends during the break.

Will show you some meals we had during the past week... =)

Saturday (lunch)

Had these at KLCC Signatures food court. The first day where Popular Bookfest was held @ KL Convention Centre, and also the first out of four consecutive days I went! ^^

Sunday (lunch)

Jawa Mee at Little Penang Cafe, KLCC. Went with JY, her sis, and my niece...

Sunday (tea)

Shared this slice of sinful Chocolate Indulgence with my niece @ Secret Recipe before heading back home for dinner! hahaahha

Monday (lunch)

Worked half day and proceed to the Bookfest during lunch! hahahaha... The food we had at Little Penang Kafe was great, so I came back for this portion of Char Kuey Tiaw. It was simply awesome!

Tuesday (dinner)

Starter: Had these to-die-for Ribs at KC's place!

Main course: Several round of homemade Assam Laksa prepared by KC's mum also!

Wednesday (lunch)

This was not so good compared to the meals I had for the past few days. Pork dried noodles @ Wong Kok CharChanTeng, Pavilion.

Thursday (lunch)

After breakfast, my family was feeling quite bored so we proceed to Pantai Morib to have a walk since it has been ages the last we went there. Then for lunch, we stopped by at Tanjung Sepat for this sumptuous lunch. We ordered 5 dishes for 5 person and the bill only came up to 70 to 80 ringgit!!

Thursday (tea)

Since the Mid Autumn festival is somewhere around the corner. My house suddenly has a few boxes of mooncakes sitting on the dining table and I really liked this! Homemade Shanghainese mooncake from our neighbour! yumsss...

Friday -no pics-
why? Coz the long break has come to an end.... and it's working mode switched ON again... zzzzz

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