Monday, September 5, 2011

Popular Bookfest 2011

Have been doing quite a bit of books shopping over the long festive holiday last week!

Second sis asked me to go along during the very first day of the 10-day long stretch bookfest that was organised by Popular bookstore. The bookfest was held several times throughout the year but this was my very first time there.

Having a lil bit of 'culture shock' when I entered the massive hall in KL Convention Centre, I grabbed so many books at one go! Think I was too greedy, my arms began to ache and I left behind some books that I wanted to buy and come back the next 3 days! Yes, I went there 4 days straight! hahahaha...

Here are the lil treasures I brought back home from the bookfest

Several sets of of CD collection, fictions, photography book, cookbooks, etc. All these for about RM400.00!

Some hard cover books are so cheap and yet I didn't manage to carry them home coz they're too heavy already! =(

Anyway, here are a few selection that I have to forgo in the end. I really really wanted to get that Wonder of the World book, but the weight of that book prevent me from buying it... bah.. Will wait for the next bookfest then!

til then, ttfn!

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