Monday, September 26, 2011

Lunch at Johnny Barr's

Johnny Barr's is a place that offers healthy and tasty gourmet sandwiches at a reasonable price in Queenstown.

Pin has read quite a few reviews from forums and websites stating that this is a 'must-go' place to either dine-in or take-out for visitors to this town.

Opening hours for Johnny Barr's can be seen from the pics above. I don't need to repeat and type them all out. Oh, and it's very obvious that the theme for this place is none other than... moustache! We didn't order much during our first visit to this place coz all of us have had quite a heavy breakfast few hours before.

Here's what we ordered to share...

One whole potato for my sis's husband...

Johnny Barrs' house specialty - BBQ Pulled Pork! It's a combination of shredded braised pork with spicy barbecue sauce topped with cheddar cheese and coleslaw.

Can't resist The Caesar when I saw it on the menu board. So, one portion of Chicken caesar salad for us too. The salad was great, especially the crunchy croutons and bacons... yummss.. ^^

Highly recommended from me. It's Jimmy the Greek - a wrap of roast lamb topped with tabouli, cucumber, tomatoes, and other vegies...

By the end of the meal, we were all so full. Don't be fooled by the pictures above, there's are generally very big portion! The meal was satisfying and we left the place with a tummy-filled stomach and also a jolly happy mood... =)

One last pic of myself before I conclude this entry...

Me with one big white moustache.

til then, ttfn!

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