Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kawarau Bridge Bungy

One of the few adventures I've had in Queenstown a.k.a the Adventure Capital of the World was doing the first commercial bungy jump at Kawarau Bridge! A lot of travel book says it's an essential component of every New Zealand visitor's itinerary.

I was still contemplating whether to jump or not the day before coz it would be me going alone. In the end, I booked a session despite the fact that I was going to be alone. Better try it out than regretting it later, right? ^^

Here are some pics to bore you... hahahaha...

The site entrance, located about 15 minutes from Queenstown.

Myself with the 'Welcome' sign!

Booked for the 4pm session. For NZ$ 180.00 per jump, this is not a very economical jump, eh? Hhhmm, I get to keep a Jumper T-shirt and a certificate after that though...

Shuffling slowly towards the edge, getting ready to dive in a sec!


... and off I go... with my nephew looking at the spectators' viewing deck.

from another angle... 43m (about 142ft) above the stunning Kawarau River, this bungy jump is the most popular one in NZ, AND I like this pic alot! lol

and this is where I lost one side of my shoe...

I wasn't aware of it until I reached the bottom when they told me that I've lost my shoe... hahahah

On the river... my NZ$ 180.00 gone within seconds! BUT I'm happy I've got this priceless experience.

This is the bitter part. After jumping, I need to climb back up, and without my shoe! It was raining and my socks were wet... T_T

Almost reaching to the spectators' deck...

and of course, stopped by to take a picture of this sign Congratulating the jumpers... ^^

Back in the souvenir shop, my sister and nephew each holding a 'I was too chicken' T-shirt. They bought one each. hahahaha...

The proof:

My certificate!

It was truly an amazing experience. Will do it again, somewhere.. someday....

til then, ttfn!

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fei said...

yor, envy!!!!!!! im definitely gonna do that tooooo!!!!!!!!!!!