Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jet Boat @ Shotover & Kawarau Rivers

Another outdoor activity which Queenstown has to offer is none other than this high-speed Shotover Jet! Myself, nephew and sis booked the 10am session for an hour of this ride.

Kawarau Jet departs from this Main Town Pier of Queenstown bay at every hour.

Thank goodness for a good weather that morning. Clear blue sky, with excellent weather waiting for us ahead!

Three blur fellas woke up early in the morning for some adventures! Can't wait! ^^

As we were told about this river, I was kinda amazed when the guide told us that the river is actually very shallow and the jets are designed specially for exploring the shallow river. The jet boat driver told us that it could race at speeds like 80km per hour in the river water of less than 5cm! That is quite impressive, eh? ^^

Group pic before our one-hour water adventure.

Stunning views of the Remarkables as we speed in the shallow rivers of Shotover & Kawarau...

We go very near to some rocks and under-the-bridge walls and could feel the adrenaline pumping when the driver almost knock at those rocks! That was of course done in purpose, and we are still being driven in safe hands. hahahaha...

The driver will occasionally 'do' the 360 degrees spin which I thought was simply awesome! He will make a hand gesture signalling he'll do the spin and here we go....

Spin and splash! Normally I'll hide my camera under my jacket to prevent it from getting wet, but for the last spin, I just couldn't bother less and just shoot away aimlessly.

After-spin effect! hahaha...

Hello! This is me (with a very very messy hair) and made my sis took this pic with her bare hands out in the freezing cold wind.

Returning to the pier now...

With a stunning backdrop as we go about in the jet, the experience is yet again, priceless!

til then, ttfn!

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