Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's September already!

How time flies this very year! Swooshhhh, and it's the last month of the 3rd quarter of the year again!

Today's the first day of the month and I felt like I've done so much for the day already... Family outing for breakfast in the morning, then proceed to a short trip to Morib, and stopped by Tanjung Sepat for lunch/ brunch, then went to Aeon to buy some groceries and movie tickets and now am waiting to go out for dinner in a bit! hahahahah....

Frankly, the whole of this Raya long break is all about food, food and more food only! Be it with my sisters, parents, or friends... lol... Will update about those yummilicious food we had soon!! ^^

Til then, ttfn!

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