Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pasta & dessert at The Vanilla Place

Bought some great deals from Groupon Malaysia the other day and one of them is a pasta & dessert meal at this Vanilla Place which is situated in Empire Shopping Gallery (in front of Toys 'r' Us).

Food and dessert prices are considered as reasonable in this place, or I can say it's one of the cheapest among so many food outlets in the mall already! Taste wise, they served yummilicious food with a value for money pricing. ^^

I got 4 vouchers priced at RM16.00 each and I thought the deals were simply awesome! Drinks are not included though, so we've ordered a few drinks and a portion of appetisers to start. Brought my mum, sis and niece there to try-out.

Mum's mango smoothie...

Appetiser: Tuna 'Pai Tee'. These little crispy crust 'cups' that was filled with cold tuna & olive was simply delicious. As for the food deco wise, they don't look so good though.

Now, our mains....

Smoked duck spaghetti (RM15.80). Both my mum and sis really enjoyed this one a lot. I didn't have a chance to try it coz when I was done with my own portion of pasta, the plate of spaghetti was already gone! ha ha

Aglio Olio (RM15.80). The portion was generous as they've included several huge prawns in it! Aglio olio spaghetti is my all-time favourite but then I skipped this time coz I still can't have any seafood at the moment. Chilli flakes, also a no-no for me too... Nisha finished the whole portion on her own! (her mum stole some of it ocassionally) ^^

Carbonara, with turkey, mushrooms and topped with some crispy ham (RM15.80). This, was my eldest niece's favourite as she really enjoys having creamy and cheesy pasta! I realised the food preference from the ladies that I went with that day are all different! hahaha... Mum & sis's preference was somewhat similar though..

Smoked salmon spaghetti (RM15.80) This one is a lot milder compared to my niece's Carbonara, and I opt for this as it's not so creamy in taste. Lurve the combination of smoked salmon and some fish/shrimp roe with the spaghetti and light cream. Will try to 'DIY' this dish some day at home. hehehe...

After our mains, here come the desserts!!

We need to order 4 desserts but only managed dig into two of them, so we take-away the other two for the boys who's playing their psp games at home.

Price for most of the desserts are RM9.80 per serving.

Banana cheese for Kevin.

Oh-so-heavenly Carrot cake for Dhiren. I went back home and nipped some from my nephew. hahahaha...

Pavlova. This sinfully sweet dessert was not meants for us. Read from reviews it's one of the best Pavlova in Klang Valley so I ordered one of it to try. Er... it was just too sweet for our liking though... Next....

and this Bread & butter pudding was awesome awesome awesome! The warm bread pudding served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream... Combination is just perfect! mmmm.....

We were feeling so stuffed after all these food and proceed to walk around the shopping mall to let go few calories from the sumptuous meal. I'll definitely come back for more of the dessert at The Vanilla Place... =)

Us. Before, during and after meal.

Here's a picture of the dessert before I asked the waitress to pack 2 of them for us to takeaway. hahaha...

til then, ttfn!

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