Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mongolian Chicken Rice, Tawau

From Semporna to Tawau town. We reached there about 12 and it's time for lunch. Dad was looking for a coffee shop he used to patron when he's there few years back but couldn't locate where exactly is the shop.

Coincidentally, we were at Jalan Chester and this particular chicken rice shop caught my attention and I suggested we find a parking spot and have our lunch there. The place was crowded and I thought I certainly can't be wrong when there are lots of customers eating in the shop... =)

I still dare not eat chicken meat so I thought I could just order some noodles instead. Unfortunately the noodle stall was closed and it left me no choice but to just have the plate of plain rice with some gravy and soup... Each of us were given a bowl of soup that goes with the rice and I was happy as it was some herbal soup thingy. Taste was very good and I finished the whole bowl!!

Mum ordered half a chicken and some other side dish i.e chicken liver & gizzard to be shared among 4 of them. I think the secret to this Mongolian chicken rice should be the gravy coz it taste so good! I don't how these chicken were cooked coz I didn't manage to try even a small piece from the plate. =(

I was afraid that it'll affect my surgical wound... However, I've gotten some tips from foursquare before we entered the shop and one of the tip said this chicken rice place is the best in Sabah and one cannot possibly miss it! hahaha... Nvm, there will always be another chance for me to visit this place in the future!

Oh, and pricing was very reasonable as well.. Less than RM30.00 for our lunch (for 5 pax) and that includes 4 drinks too!

til then, ttfn! ^^


Anonymous said...

So I've heard about this famous chicken rice stall and I wanted to try it..Never ever setting my foot there ever again unless I want my BP to sky rocket..He must have soaked his chicken in salt..

Anonymous said...

unfortunately this stall was closed alrdy i dont knw where is their new shop.i heard the owner already move back to more mongo chic rice at sad i am.this is my fvourite stall at tawau.i used to eat here with my family.