Monday, August 1, 2011

Fish Fish Fish

My parents, niece, nephew and I went over to Tawau coz we managed to book some really cheap flight seats from AirAsia few months back!! I did not ate any other seafood coz I was not allowed to. Wound isn't fully recovered... So, only can take fish... hhmm...

Anyway, here are some really good fish we had during the weekend in Sabah!

First dinner there.

Friday night. This one is called 老鼠斑 Lou Shu Pan... Wasted it was not steamed. Sigh.. I lurve steamed fish, anytime! Didn't know the 'market' price for the fish until the next day where I got a shock after seeing the price from our resort restaurant menu. RM600 for 1kg! But, this is free though ~ treat from dad's friend. hehehe...

Saturday lunch. 七星班 Seven Star Grouper. First time having this fish and it instantly became my favourite after Marbled Goby or also known as 'soon hock' fish in Hokkien.

Saturday dinner. 红鱼 Red Snapper. I wanted to have another type of fish for dinner but the restaurant only offers two types of 'live' fish. Only Seven Star Grouper and this one available, so we opt for this Red Snapper coz we just had the other fish for lunch... XD

Sunday lunch. No pics for today coz I'll update as a separate post tomorrow. hahahaha... We didn't have fish though.

Sunday dinner. Another fish my dad's friend brought from their own fish farm. Don't know what is it called but it was good also! Super fresh and the fish meat was really soft despite the fact that it is really huge! After our meal, he fetched us to the airport and we have to bid goodbye to all the good fish in east Malaysia! hahahaa...

Would lurve to go there again just for their seafood!! Yummsss.... til my next post, tata for now!

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