Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dinner at Jyu Raku, ss15 Subang

My first visit to Jyu Raku @ SS15, Subang Jaya! Went there after work on Wednesday evening to celebrate my friend's belated birthday. The place was not packed with people and I was happy coz that means we don't need to wait for long upon ordering our food. Very good for a start... ^^

The are at least 5 more Japanese restaurants located at the very same row of shops @ SS15 and I don't know what made me decide to have food here instead. Alas, it was a good choice after all... hehehe..

Jyu Raku offers a wide selection of dishes to be chosen off their menu. The menu pictured above is HUGE!!

After we were seated down, the waitress came over and asked us what do we like to drink and placed this complimentary starter for each.

Since the menu selection was huge and I wasn't in the mood in deciding what to eat (plus having a mild headache), the task of ordering our dinner was left to my friend to complete. ha ha

I ordered this though, my must-eat food when visiting a Japanese restaurant! Chawanmushi (RM10.00). Was surprised when I open the lid of the cup and see so much topping on my Chawanmushi! The texture was silky smooth and it was really gooood!

Salmon sashimi (Rm24.00). These are so fresh and the thick-cut salmon proves that this place is very generous when it comes to giving their customers the satisfaction when dining at the restaurant!

Another great first impression for me. Guess they'll have to be good in their service and food or else their competitors next door will pull their customers away. Competitions are always good for the consumers.. muahahaha...

Picture: Top - Rainbow Roll (RM28.00), bottom - Jyu Raku Roll (RM28.00). Pretty food never failed to attract me! hahaha... The Rainbow roll was somewhat normal to me but this Jyu Raku Roll would be the reason I come back in the future! Very delicious.... Instead of having seaweed and rice in a roll, they've replaced it with thinly sliced cucumber and fresh lettuce for the roll, wrapped together with salmon, unagi, shrimp, tamago and topped with the right amount of salmon roe! Really scream YUMMS!

Half way eating, I wanted to have unagi and my friend doesn't really fancy an Unagi bento box, so how?? We ordered this Stamina Roll (RM28.00) with contains not so much amount of rice with some avocado, cucumber and tamago.

A close-up of the Stamina Roll...

Overall, food quality in Jyu Raku were great, just a lil bit to the pricey side in my opinion. Well, good food always come in an exception price. To me, spending money on quality food without having anything to complain about is way much better than having me complaining about lousy food during/after a meal.

til my next food log, ttfn!

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