Friday, August 19, 2011

Breakfast at Meals Station

Had our usual Friday breakfast at Meals Station which is situated in Sooka Sentral. Normally I would just order the egg and toast + a drink set, but today I feel like having rice so I ordered the Nasi Lemak set instead.

This plate was presented in front of me and my mood swing straightaway. From good, to a bad one. ggrr...

Look at this... One pathetic slice of cucumber, one small leafy lettuce, half an egg, and some sambal. Of course I was furious!! So, like my usual style, I asked the waiter to take it back and present me with a 'more presentable' plate of Nasi Lemak.

The waiter took it back and said that they're going to charge an extra RM1.00 for some extra egg. I said it's fine. Adding RM1 is better than me having a lousy mood for the rest of the day, right? =)

Two minutes later....

Anchovies and one more hard boiled egg added, but no change on the cucumber and lettuce part. Slightly better. Hence, no complain for me thereafter.

I'll stick to my usual half boiled egg and toast next round. hhmmm....

til then, ttfn!

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