Friday, August 5, 2011

August Black Friday

Was very happy after 5pm coz it's the arrival of the weekend once again! Left office about quarter past six and then, the nightmare begins!! Normally if I were to leave office at 6-ish, the latest I'll reach home would be about 9pm.

But NOT for today!!! From KL Central, I would normally take KTM to 3 stations further (Putra) and then from there only will change to another train back to Klang. I did the same for today, and there were some problem with the power supply from the train thus resulting in delay of more than 2 hours.

2 hours delay, never mind.... I still waited for it until an announcement was made that ALL trains would be cancelled for the day and urge us to find alternative to our own destination. I was like, "WTH?!! I waited for more than 2 freaking hours and you ask me find my own way back??"

I really salute the public transportation in this country. How can this happen again??? Power failure NOT once, but it has already happened several times before throughout the year. The freaking company is wholly by the government, no? Why can't the service be improved? sigh, this really shows how incompetent our government is. Super embarrassing!

The lousiest train and train service on earth. I still have to take this back home 5 days a week coz between traffic jam (leg cramp) and waiting, I chose the latter. =(((((

Ok, back to my story. The blardy train stopped at Kuala Lumpur station and I have never been to this station before. I don't know the way and all, that is. =( Initially the platform was very crowded, but I waited and waited hoping that the service would resume as normal. Then after the blardy announcement was made, majority of the people were gone and I left no choice but to message some of my friends for help.

I was very thankful when KJ came to rescue! hahahaa... While waiting, I need to get out from the platform and then I was under this sign board and stood at the same spot wondering which way should I go. argghh.... In the end, I saw one of the worker and ask him for direction to the entrance. hhmm...

Look at the station, so dark (the picture above was heavily 'brightened' with my photo-editing software) and so little people. Security in Malaysia sucks, so I have the right to think and also to be afraid of being robbed or something. (I've been pick-pocket twice at KL Central previously)

Right, so after I have finally found my way to the entrance of the station, I went to the ticketing area and waited for my friend there. What time I did I finally reached home? Well, it was almost 11.00pm when I got back home in the end. =(

However, I am really thankful the fella came to 'rescue' =)

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